Race Baiting is the Pitts

It’s about time that nationally syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts is called out for being the race-baiting racist that he is, hiding as a coward behind his own skin color.

Pitts is the token columnist that thinks he has a free-rein to write carelessly about all subjects in black and white, simply because he is black. Pitts seemingly couldn’t care less about black-on-black crime or other black-only issues, he is only interested in sounding his bigoted trumpet when there’s a white person to blame for something in the black community. Pitt’s pen writes in black ink only.

Like Obama and Eric Holder, Pitts banks on the fact that in today’s racially charged world of the politically correct threatening social condemnation on anyone daring to take a black commentator to task, no one white dares talk back.

I’ll take the dare Leonard.

His recent comments regarding the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri are irresponsible, incendiary and outrageous. Linking Rodney King, Trevon Martin and a host of others to Ferguson is one-hundred percent wrong. He is attempting to prove cause and effect when there is none. Each of these events are unique to themselves. Each event is or was investigated and adjudicated. The system was put into play in each scenario and like it or not, each was settled with the specifics of each instance being relative to the case, but not interchangeable as Pitt’s suggests.

Pitt’s and those of his ilk use selective issues of race for their own convenience while ignoring other examples that contradict their flawed social theories. The only difference between Pitts, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton is a pen in the one hand and a microphone in the other.

What is interesting about the likes of Pitts is that he is the voice of outrage only to a white audience. Leonard can ruffle soft white feathers, but he is inauthentic in the black community he purports to represent. To most of the blacks Leonard cries for, he is simply another Uncle Tom sell out, shirt-and-tie wearing friend of the man, Oreo cookie that isn’t “keeping it real.” Brooks brothers slacks over wing-tips don’t fly in hip-hop town Leonard.

It never seems to dawn on anyone as to ask the question of these social engineering poverty pimps, (as J C Watts has called them), that being; how then did you yourself find your way out of the supposed hopelessness and claimed impossibility of achieving that which you did? How is it that these community leaders can understand the plight of the downtrodden while at the same time having managed to crack the code to escape it themselves?

Wouldn’t the likes of Leonard Pitts, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be of better service to their black brethren if they showed them how to achieve, just like they did, as opposed to encouraging them to celebrate in their hopelessness?

Of course, doing so would put them out of business, so parish the thought and back to the business of blaming others.