Occupy Lake Wobegon

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just as true today………….

Unlike the noble efforts of George Washington and his brave troops at Valley Forge during the terrible winter of 1777, the newly minted men of the neo-emasculation movement fold up their tents as the winter of 2012 descends upon them.  Instead of celebrating the good fortune of being born an American and thanking God almighty for limitless opportunities, these socially constructed eunuchs chant for a modern day Robin Hood. Far from wanting a level playing field, this group despises the game itself, preferring mutual mediocrity for all.

The days of scoreless T-Ball are over kids.

If you’re surprised by this outcome, you shouldn’t be.  This is the mentality bred when competition is scuttled from childhood via the enlightened helicopter parent’s who present the gift of  “illusory superiority” to their precious little one-of-a-kind brats in training.  Illusory superiority overstates ones abilities while understating their weaknesses.  In one study, 85% of high school students rated themselves as above average while 25% put themselves in the top 1%.  While all of the children in Garrison Keillor’s make-believe town of Lake Wobegon were above average, those NPR listening parents must have believed it to be real.

When you promote, support and endorse mediocrity, you demote success, achievement and drive.  When you punish the successful and gifted by forcing them to slow their pace to match the lowest performer, you sap their enthusiasm under the misguided assumption that doing so somehow rewards those at the bottom.

When you do away with the class valedictorian under the guise of offending lower performers, you breed the acceptance of low expectations.  When every kid in a classroom gets an award or certificate, so we don’t leave anyone out, you breed self-loathing.  When you encourage high self-esteem in those who should be reticent and reflective about poor choices, you breed narcissism.

When you allow a dose of reality to squarely hit your kid along side the head when he deserves it, you breed self reliance.  When you refuse to interfere with a social problem involving childhood rivalries and disputes, you teach self awareness and pride.  And when you punish bad behavior and reward exemplary performance, you build the foundation upon which cannot rest the mentality of the occupy movement. 

People from all over the world are willingly risking arrest, deportation, imprisonment and even death itself, just for the opportunity to set foot on American soil.  Their reasons and motivations for doing so are a much better study in what is good about the United States than the sad portrait painted at the not so artful hand of today’s occupiers, so far removed from their proud relatives at Valley Forge.   


How BLM Insults White People

Normal every-day white people are insulted by the phrase, “Black Lives Matter”, (BLM) because the presumption is that white folks need to be reminded of the sanctity of black lives.  How racist, patronized and insulting, assuming that of an entire race of people. 

Isn’t generalizing by race a major complaint that blacks have about how they believe whites view them?   

Not a single person I know discounts the value of a life based on skin color.  There is not a shred of empirical evidence to back up that outrageous claim.

If BLM leadership sincerely cared about all black lives, they would be focused on America’s major cities, figuring out why blacks are killing each other at alarming and increasing rates.

Over Father’s Day weekend in Chicago, there were 104 people shot, 15 left dead including a 3-year old.  The weekend before, 84 shot, 24 dead, shooters and victims predominantly black.  Last year Chicago had 2151 shootings with 492 dead.  This year it looks like those numbers will increase.

71% of those killed in Chicago are black and 75% of their murders are also black.

Didn’t notice any BLM rallies in Chicago protesting this on-going tragedy.

Black lives seem to matter more to BLM when they are taken by white police officers being videoed for public consumption.  While the death of George Floyd was unwarranted, the murder of an innocent three-year-old in Chicago ought to foment more outrage than a career felon dying during the investigation of a crime in which he was involved.

BLM isn’t interested in solving problems any more than Al Sharpton wants to end racism.  Both need controversy, animosity and ignorance in order to advance an agenda and create a payday.  If you point this out, you will be labeled a racist, your point of view marginalized while you are effectively censored.

BLM doesn’t seek a discussion, they demand your submission.

Miami Downtown, FL, USA – MAY 31, 2020: Protests for the rights of black people. Emotional man with black skin holds his hand up. Activist in a demonstration after George Floyd death

Shifting blame, controlling the narrative and refusing to take responsibility is BLM’s strategy.  As long as this kind of race-baiting goes on, the actual solutions are ignored and the problems only worsen. 

White people are now demanded to solve the black’s problems by admitting their privilege, prostrating themselves by taking a knee and publicly groveling as a form of virtue signaling.

A 75% out-of-wedlock birth rate, broken families and blacks killing each other in records numbers are realities hard to pin on the myths of systemic racism or white privilege. 


What Happened to America?

The era of Trump, the China virus and the death of George Floyd has created a trifecta of turmoil in our country.  The normal division between liberals and conservatives became the Great Divide when a Trump victory denied the anointing of Queen Hillary when the chattering-class mistook Trump as the Rodney Dangerfield of the political race.  Unexpectedly and inexplicably to those deniers, the Trump administration ushered in record economic prosperity and unheard of low unemployment rates, courtesy of a neophyte that the politically-swampy unanimously thought would fail.

In his success, Trump simultaneously enjoyed pissing off liberal skeptics by purposely pushing their buttons at every opportunity, (Twitter) including the media, which he has played like a finely tuned fiddle.  As a result, some of those most affected have acquired TDS, (Trump-Derangement Syndrome), a malady so severe that his cure for cancer would face their objections.  TDS dulls the senses, making it impossible for those afflicted to see or sense any righteousness or progress, (even if they agree with it,) for no other reason that it emanates from Trump, (like the Crime Bill that no one could seem to pass yet Trump did with little to no accolade.)

As the love-hate relationships play out domestically, enter the China virus and see an entire country, and eventually the whole world, dive into a hasty hibernation.  Trillions of dollar gains in the stock market gone, virtually over-night along with almost instant double-digit unemployment and societal conditions lining up to challenge those of the Great Depression 100 years earlier.  While the jury is still to be impaneled to determine what, if any role the Chinese Communist Party, (CCP) had in this pandemic, concurrent with this outbreak, US policy towards China was harsh and getting harsher.


Should that jury return an indictment of the CCP, there will be hell to pay.

Because the virus struck regions of the US in very different ways and at significantly varying levels of severity, Governor’s and other elected officials scurried about fashioning response and reaction that was as differing and wide-ranging as it could possibly be.  Police were arresting single moms in parks, parishioners at church, lecturing parents about social-distancing and where their kids were playing.  New York Governor Cuomo, overwhelmed with metro-New York City outbreaks prescribed a politically-induced coma over citizens and businesses.  Cuomo’s bad decision-making condemned over 5000 to death in nursing homes.

Governor DeSantis of Florida had a much more laissez–faire attitude, yet outcomes were diametric with Florida fairing much better than NY in outcomes, at least initially.  From the wide variety of responses from all levels of government, exposed were the tyrants for all to see.  Governor Whitman from Michigan micro-managed what Lowe’s could and couldn’t sell in their store.  Our own local county executive, Jason Garner wanted to ration travel by the first letter of your last name.  And even as the country gradually awakens, health professionals warn us that this is a fluid event with a likely “2nd wave” of infection to follow and so uncertainty and fear continue, even after 100 days.  The tyrants learn that fear equals control, so Cuomo holds a daily virus briefing, thinly disguised as a run for President as the wheels fall of Joe Biden as he hides in his basement.

After three months of having the governments thumb on all of our backs, we witness George Floyd and the now infamous knee on his neck.  Everyone was already in a pissy-mood due to being quarantined, misled and lied to.  Enhanced unemployment benefits, along with a $600.00 weekly bonus courtesy of the vote-buyers in Washington, created a perverse incentive to do nothing while at the same time gradually fomented resentment at the way people were being treated.  In the back of many minds remains the nagging thought that citizens are being herded more than governed.

Resentment turned to rage as the life drained from Floyd under the image of a white cop dripping with indifference and an under-class looking for an excuse to cut loose.  A single tragic and senseless act in Minneapolis becomes a blanket indictment on authority nationwide.  Don’t let a tragedy go to waste.  The accusations towards authority morph into assertions of systemic racism.  Silence is violence.  Take a side or be labeled, accused, ostracized and marginalized.  Declare the debate as over and take note on who is on which side, simple as that.  Draconian enforcement of social distancing rules yields to Seattle police being chased out of their own precinct and a band of thugs taking over a half-dozen city blocks while the mayor and governor of that state let it happen without consequence, celebrating lawlessness.  If the mob could, they would storm the jail and take Derek Chauvin from his cell and hang him in the public square, without the slightest inkling of irony.

George Floyd’s gravitas was fortified by his felonious criminal past.  That made him “authentic”, he “kept it real,” Dog-whistle language for unassimilated, defiant of authority, dismissive of societal norms and angry at the world for his own failures in life.  Holding a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman while your accomplices rob her home is now the hot resume for social worship fame.  And no wonder.  Hip-Hop culture finds it’s authenticity in the gangster-lifestyle, celebrated, revered and copied in real life.  Lyrics about killing cops, raping and mistreating women, the worthlessness of life, the glorification of violence, it is part and parcel of a large segment of the black culture.  Thug life is celebrated, not condemned.

Al Sharpton can certainly speak understandable English if he so desires, but instead he resorts to a version of the spoken-word that is nearly unrecognizable to anyone outside of the “hood”, and he does so to signal to those folks that he is authentic, “down for the struggle”, refusing to assimilate to his own country.

 “Ask” becomes “axed”, why, because it is a symbol of defiance, a single word that clearly delineates the real blacks from their Uncle Tom brethren, those sell-outs who have prospered and excelled, using the same tools of opportunity that were available to everyone in this country but rejected as tainted by indignant blacks.  This is how you pick the wrong leaders:

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and George Floyd; authentic.

Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice; frauds ceding credibility to the white man.

The militant black power-structure in this country refuses to talk about black-on-black crime or a 75% out-of-wedlock birth rate because it is hard, even for them, to pin this on white supremacy claims or systemic racism.  Equally difficult to square with logic, is how black Africans arrived today on our shores are statistically near zero in their impact of social services and seem to quickly find prosperity, happiness and success here.

As noted black educator and author Shelby Steele has pointed out numerous times, until blacks take control of their own destinies and decide for themselves how best to tap into the limitless opportunities that define America, no amount of affirmative action or other well-meaning but unsuccessful programs, engineered by whites for the benefit of blacks will do.  Realizing that all such programs have as an underlying assumption, that without the help of whites, blacks can’t do it on their own is insulting and accomplishes exactly the opposite of what on its face seems like a good effort.  Instead, it embodies the terrible notion of the soft bigotry of low-expectations.

Black’s have been exploited and lied to by liberal Democrats forever and the solution is so clear that it is apparently not obvious.  Stop listening to others and begin to grasp what is and has been right in front of you all along, American opportunity, the availability of education, jobs, support, encouragement, guidance, it is all there and the proof that you can do it is in the faces of the multitudes that risk their very lives to come here just to experience what we take for granted, the American dream in the greatest country of the face of God’s earth.  If the world’s poorest people, most with no command of the language, customs or culture can succeed, American-born blacks have run out of excuses in not joining with that success.  The illogic of a supposed white guilt is just another canard that impedes black success by tying their misfortune to someone, anyone else and by doing so, making it someone else’s responsibility for fixing it.  Taking a knee or paying reparations will solve nothing.

The nuclear, traditional American family and her re-birth will go a long way in solving a multitude of problems that may seem unrelated.  Boys need fathers that role-model positive behavior.  Without this the chances for good outcomes diminishes greatly.  Every child deserves two loving parents.  In the absence of this, the positive results fall even further.  Households need to be free of violence while encouraging education, moral behavior and strong religious beliefs.  Without this, chances of success are almost nil. 

Put the responsibility back where it belongs, onto the parents of children.  If the parents are products of a failed family life, they are likely to model one that also fails.  In the absence of a solid and stable family, social services and schools only provide triage and hospice care to a patient that is terminally ill.

Thug-life won’t take blacks where they want to go.  Glorifying violence, misogyny debauchery and drug use won’t help their children flourish.  Bragging up on how many times one has gone to prison is not a recipe of success.

 When funerals are the replacement for parties, something is wrong.  The militant and resentful in the black community need to get that giant chip off of their collective shoulder and quit complaining about how the successful are somehow responsible for their failures.    Availing themselves to all America has to offer and doing so with an open mind and a willingness to assimilate to a system that works, that is fair, and that holds everyone accountable for their own actions and outcomes is the best path towards success.

I’ve worked hard my entire life, delivering newspapers as a pre-teen, graduating to gas-station attendant, and then working in a canning factory warehouse after school where the main-full-time employees were parolees from prison.  I’ve been forced to fight because my dad was a cop.  Kids thought I was a “nark” and it put a target on my back.  I’ve been attacked and had to fight just because neighborhood kids were hungry for a battle.  Blue-collar bullying in the 60’s was a regular reality where I lived.  I’ve been ridiculed, fired, verbally and physically abused and mistreated any number of times during the course of my life.

I drove a limo to pay for college and unloaded UPS trailers full of boxes from 4AM until 8AM before attending to my philosophy class at 9AM at the local university.  For the final two years of college, I worked fulltime in a factory while going to class full time. That’s the way life goes and I wouldn’t normally bring it up except to say, by way of demonstration, no one gets out of their childhood or progresses through their life without strife, struggle and some bad experiences along the way.  I’m tired of accepting the notion that only a certain group saw their share of struggle.  We all have struggled.  I’m tired of being marginalized by the notion that only certain people have experienced mistreatment.  Most just don’t cry about it and use it as an excuse.

Much of life was and is hard, but I didn’t expect an “atta-boy” for living it.  All of the moving parts of our lives ultimately shape who we are and culminate to our own advantage.

None of us knows the burdens others carry, but today is today and we all can move forward with a new outlook.  No one said it was easy or even fair, it’s not, but that shouldn’t keep you and me from moving forward.  And we’re far better off doing that together than apart.  It is those in government who are fanning the flames of discontent.  If we don’t open our eyes to that reality, those tyrants will have many convinced of things that just aren’t so.  Be careful, be aware, and be naturally pessimistic of those who seek to “lead” you.  We’re more alike than we are different.


A Knee to the Neck for Floyd, A Kick in the Nuts to America

A nine-minute cell phone video has given excuse to anarchists and low-life criminals for their acts of mayhem.  Nationally organized, these rent-a-mobs are tools of a higher order directed at dismantling societal norms.  Rioters and looters aren’t concerned with injustice; they use it as cover for their felonious acts aimed at a hatred of America.

In a rush-to-judgment, fomented by those with an axe to grind, the assumption is that racism had a role in this death.  The idea of a white cop/black perp, instantly equating racism is an act of racist assumption in and of itself.  No doubt, Mr. Floyd is dead at the hands of the Minneapolis police.  Accordingly, the man responsible is in custody awaiting adjudication for murder.  What more can the mob want?  How is that relevant to the thousands of other police departments scattered throughout the US that killed no one today?

Was Mr. Floyd a criminal?  Yes, a career criminal, with prison stints dating back to the 1990’s.  Had he not been committing a crime again, (this time passing counterfeit currency), this incident would not have happened.  Floyd didn’t deserve the death sentence, but it is fact that his own actions contributed to the situation in the first place.

Looters and arsonists should be shot.  When gatherings turn violent, participants that fail to lawfully disperse ought to face pepper-spray, tear-gas and water cannons, then be arrested and convicted.

Peaceful protests should be protected and the general public of the law-abiding ought to arm themselves against the street-scum hiding behind the casket of George Floyd, two-thirds of whom couldn’t tell you the mans name.

The national frenzy over this incident has less to do with Floyd and more to do with the organized and well financed evil forces in America that seek her destruction.  Bus loads of professional thugs, pallets of bricks and piles of money incite these riots, carried out by the useful idiots our broken education system has produced, those incapable of thought and indoctrinated with a hateful agenda they can’t even articulate.

Just as the Democrats brought us the Ku Klux Klan in the middle 1800’s, that same party hosts what we see today, new name, similar tactics, same mindset and game-plan; bring capitalism to its knees, destroy Trump, and do so at all costs, even if it takes the very life of the country.  Pelosi, Schumer et.al, silent in complicacy. 

Today’s Left are gutless thugs when the fighting is restrained by political officials in large cities.  Bring that fight to the Conservative battlefields of suburban and rural America and remind yourselves my liberal snow-flakes, when the gloves come off and the real fighting starts, which side has more guns, is better trained, and will be happy to use them on you?


In Passing

I’m used to writing about other people’s shortcomings or misdeeds.  Today I write about my own.

A friend of mine recently lost her mother.  In writing her obituary, she purposefully omitted the name of one of the several grand-children, specifically her own son.  She justified this by pointing out her son’s long-time distancing from her and the family and his lack of interaction with his grand-mother.  What it really was about was a long-standing beef between her and her son.

Had this woman spoken this in a private, one-on-one conversation, I would have told her what a mistake I thought that was but because there were others in on the conversation, I kept my comments to myself.  Inside, I was indignant towards her and the first thought that came to my mind was how wrong she was and how urgently someone, (best of course being me,) ought to tell her so.  Using her mothers’ death to punish her own son seemed so obviously the wrong thing to do, an easy judgment call.

Then I reflected about how I handled my own fathers’ funeral.

I too had a beef then, but it was with my step-mother.  Helen and I occasionally butted-heads during the 20-some years she was married to my dad, mostly the routine stuff I imagine many “blended families” encounter as they sort through the pages of living life’s novel.

After dad died, Helen vetoed every suggestion my sisters and I had about how best to honor him.  My father was a career cop and my sisters and I knew he would have liked the involvement of the police at the funeral.

Helen said absolutely not.

Dad was a lifetime member of our Presbyterian church and loved more than anything singing in the choir.  Helen was a Catholic and in order for her to be remarried in the Catholic faith, dad converted to Catholicism in order to comply with all of the formalities that go with the rules of that denomination.  While dad did enjoy elements of the Catholic service, his main reason for converting was not a rejection of his life-long relationship with our church and denomination, but his devotion to his new wife and her traditions. 

He never stopped singing in our choir.

Helen insisted on a Catholic funeral.  While my sisters and I went along, we also suggested to Helen that we have another celebration of dad’s life in the church in which he had been raised, the church where his mother was a founding member, the church where all of his children were baptized, where he sang and where he was married.

Again, the answer was no.

That did it for me.  After giving this all of a days worth of thought, I announced to my sisters that I was not going to attend the funeral mass for my father.  I would attend the viewing and receive all of our friends and family at the funeral home, but I was sitting out the funeral itself.

While I somehow managed to convince the girls that what I was doing was righteous, they were gracious enough to not confront me at the time and I did not attend my own dad’s funeral.  To this day they have never brought the subject up and I’m amazed at their grace and tolerance in not doing so.

I made a colossal mistake, one I have been avoiding accepting until I heard the hollow words of admonishment in my own head that I contemplated showering down on my friend.  My opinion about what she did is worthless in light of my own failings.  I was judging her to a standard to which I myself had not met. 

I completely neglected the needs of my own sisters during that time.  I never thought how my absence, as the oldest and only boy was going to impact them.  I failed to provide leadership within our family.  I never considered the whispers that surly came from everyone there noting my absence.  I let my sisters down in that moment and worse yet I let down my dad.  If I had simply asked myself at that time, “What would dad have me do?” I surly would have attended that funeral mass.  It is a mistake which I terribly regret and I want to apologize to everyone that it affected, especially my sisters, I’m so very sorry.  I thought too much and felt too little, an issue I struggle with to this day.

The irony of my anger towards my friend and her situation only became clear when I was thinking about how I was going to react to her if the subject ever came up again.  In this matter, I clearly have nothing to say other than I was dead wrong. And I regret it.


State of the Empire

Twenty years ago I could see the changing business horizon in my field and I decided to take steps in order to remain competitive into the foreseeable future.  I own and operate a small business in upstate New York that at that time conducted insurance adjustments, appraisals and investigations exclusively for insurance carriers.  I determined that the addition of a private investigators licensure would expand my customer base as well as its reach.  With that, I could work for attorneys, municipalities, as well as local, state and federal governmental agencies.

I carefully reviewed the license application instructions and determined that I was more than qualified by experience and education.  It was also clear to me that the entire licensing process in NY had been drawn around the concept that retired police officers would be given carte blanc entry into the field, needing to do nothing more than take a test and make the application.  What I failed to notice that the rules for attaining the license were not only pro-police but anti-everyone else.  I found this out when my initial application was denied.

I filed an appeal and the person handling my file demanded scores of files in order to review my past investigatory cases.  I complied.  She demanded even more.  I again complied.  She denied the license again.  I appealed.  This time it went to an Administrative Law Judge, (ALJ) for a formal hearing.  The judge reversed the State and my license was issued, some 18 months after the initial application.

 Fast-forward to the present.

 I continue to hold my private investigators license in New York, (NY) and now I am also licensed in Colorado, (CO.)  Renewal of both are due in the spring at about the same time. 

 Here is how it works in NY.

A paper renewal package arrives via US mail.  This must be completed using a pen, hand-writing various bits of information and hand-checking off various boxes.  A surety bond must be secured, (again, in pages of physical paper,) and it must be notarized and then include into the returned-by-snail-mail process.  This package of material must arrive at least 6-weeks before the expiration of the license, or you are assessed an additional $100.00 on top of the $500.00 license renewal fee.  The bond is another $100.00.

A week after sending my NY renewal package back to the state, it was returned to me.  The reason?  My bonding agent had included my mailing address on the bond and not my physical address.  No indicators in the instructions that this was a requirement, and furthermore, the state already has this information in the myriad of other paperwork I have had to submit to them over the years.  The bonding agent has to prepare a bond rider and then the entire package is re-mailed back to the state and the late fee of $100.00 tacked on as a thank you gift.

I am then reminded, in thick black print that I am prohibited from practicing without my renewed license and if history is any indicator, I should receive it in 6 to 8 weeks.

 Here is how it works in CO.

An email arrives in my inbox indicating it is time to renew my CO private investigators license.  A link is included that tells me what I need to have at the ready for making my renewal and then asks if I want to continue.  I do, and the entire renewal process takes all of 15-minutes, all done on-line in real time.  I elect to pay with my credit card and my license is created and printable immediately. 

 Oh, and the fee?  $16.00

 NY is the most cumbersome and over-regulated bureaucratic juggernaut that exists within the 50-United States.  No wonder people are voting with their feet and leaving by the thousands every week.  In a recent dust-up between NYS Governor Cuomo and the federal government concerning the use of federal funds to help NY during this pandemic, Senator Rick Scott of Florida, (as well as the former governor of that state) had the following comments about NY leadership.  I think his words are right on and are excerpted here from his recent Wall Street Journal editorial.

“New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said it was “irresponsible” and “reckless” not to bail out states like his, a state with 2 million fewer people than Florida and a budget almost double the size of ours. The opposite is true. It’s irresponsible and reckless to take money from American taxpayers and use it to save liberal politicians from the consequences of their poor choices.”


 This pandemic will provide Cuomo with the perfect storm of political slight-of-hand.  He will blame all of his fiscal mismanagement on the pandemic while simultaneously carving out his own TV mini-series that should be entitled:  I’m Running For President.”

 Frank Sinatra famously sang about New York claiming that…”if you could make it there you could make it anywhere…” and he was right.  Given persevering under the rule of Covid-King Cuomo, anywhere is looking better and better.


September 30, 2021, New York Times news story.

Emperor Andrew the Adroit announced today the opening of the sixth re-education camp in Newer York.  Christened Camp Covid, this facility joins the other five camps spread throughout the Adirondack region, Camp Compliance, Camp Corona, The Masked Retreat, Camp Ventilator and The Muzzled Inn.

“I am happy to tell you, the calm and compliant, that those barbarians who keep babbling about individual rights, freedoms, the Constitution, and all of that other ancestral nonsense are being aggressively re-programmed to understand the greater good of assimilating into a nice, homogenized group and letting go of those archaic notions of self.”

“Yesterdays drone spottings and satellite images were very disappointing,” declared the Emperor.  “We continue to see evidence of clear-headed thinking and skepticism in many of our non-compliant neighbors.  The reward monies for reporting individuals exercising their freedoms are now being boosted to $100.00 for any call resulting in the arrest and relocation of the malcontent to one of our camps.”

While Covid-19 illnesses have all but stopped, Andrew the Adroit believes that compliance, obedience and a healthy dose of fear are all that is required to make for a happy and calm citizenry.  We trust that you agree, but if you don’t, we encourage your neighbor to call immediately the number we all have had to memorize, if we want that check every month, 1-800-SCREWED.


“If It Saves Just One Life”….

Elizabeth New Jersey Mayor Chris Bollwage is the latest blowhard to self-anoint the indelibly mark of his humanitarian virtue by his simple decree:  “If it saves just one life,” Saint Chris decries, “it is worth it.”

The old, “if it saves just one life…” excuse for doing something, anything, is a straight-up false choice.  For example, if we made one simple change, we could reduce deaths from motor vehicle accidents by over 95%, saving approximately 40,000 lives a year.  Remember the words from Saint Bollwage, “If it saves just on life…”  We could accomplish that over-night by reducing the speed limit throughout the country to 15 miles-per-hour.  Few would argue of the life-saving implications of such a low speed threshold, but even fewer would agree to be slowed to such a drastic degree.  You see, we trade expedience, quality-of-life and convenience goals for human life every day, as this example proves.

So what might Bollwage the Magnificent be speaking of when he declares an activity that will be so grandiose as to begin the saving of lives?  Closing Planned Parenthood?  Aggressively enforcing drug laws?  Jailing dangerous criminals?  No, we’ll have none of that common-sense talk, he is justifying the use of Chinese drones to enforce “social distancing” regulations on the fortunate citizens of Elizabeth.

Police officials said, “All its doing is spreading an automated notice about social distance. No recording or pictures are taken, just a tool of encouragement to follow the rules.”   How magnanimous of the City of Elizabeth to provide her citizens with, “tools of encouragement.” 

Only a disingenuous tyrant would make such an assertion and none but fools should believe it.

The Chinese government also uses similar “tools of encouragement” in their country.  We might ask their citizens how that has worked out for them but due to their over-abundance of “encouragement” none were willing to talk.

These drones are manufactured in China by DJI, a technology company suspected of gathering information on US infrastructure.  This is a portion of the conclusions from a 2017 U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Intelligence Bulletin about DJI:

Special Agent in Charge Intelligence Program, “(SIP), Los Angeles assesses with high confidence the critical infrastructure and law enforcement entities using DJI systems are collecting sensitive intelligence that the Chinese government could use to conduct physical or cyber attacks against the United States and its population. Alternatively, China could provide DJI information to terrorist organizations, hostile non-state entities, or state-sponsored groups to coordinate attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure. The UAS capture close-up imagery and GPS information on water systems, rail systems, hazardous material storage systems, first responders’ activity, and construction of highways, bridges, and rails.”

Bollwage is willingly leveraging the safety and security of the United States in exchange for donated drones that afford him dictator-like control over the citizens that by now, likely regret electing him.

Einstein reminds us that, “Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it.”

Then struggle we must.


Liberty or Death… Seriously

Publicly declaring, “Give me liberty or give me death”, immortalized Patrick Henry in 1775.  He wasn’t speaking abstractly or engaging in hyperbole.  Soon thereafter the colonies were at war with Great Britain and over 100,000 lives would take those famous words to their graves.  The founders ended their declaration of independence by swearing to each other allegiance guaranteed with, “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” 

They weren’t kidding.

Fast-forward almost 250 years and today, many are trading that liberty for what they believe is safety.  In 1820, if you insulted a man’s integrity you might well die in a duel.  In 2020, wide-spread self-loathing and an entitlement mentality have emptied the soul of many and hobbled the very concept of the American spirit and with it their sense of honor and integrity. 

Libertas, the Roman goddess sculpted as the Statue of Liberty stands in the NY harbor as the national symbol of American freedom, a gift from France in 1886.  Today, does she continue to represent hope, or our own despair?

Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous French philosopher who marveled at America’s creation offered a cautionary harbinger that I share with him, even though it was written over 150-years ago.

“I have remained an old and outmoded lover of liberty in a time when everyone desires a master.”

Every day, under the guise of safety, our freedoms are taken away, one by one by those posing as our masters.  Police arrest a solitary surfer on a deserted beach in California.  The Colorado father, arrested for playing catch in an empty park with his 6-year-old daughter.  Parishioners in Ashville, Mississippi, in their cars, windows up, in the church parking lot receiving God’s message, ticketed and disbursed after the lead police officer announces to the pastor that he is, “suspending his rights.”  Witnessing a veteran black police officer in Mississippi telling a black pastor that his rights are being suspended is something that should shock the consciousness of a nation.

Those same words, spoken just 60-years ago in Mississippi resulted in people hanging from trees.

The petty tyrant acts harshest and swiftest when near the levers of power.  The clever, accomplished autocrat practices incrementalism and mutes his hunger with feigned benevolence.  What difference be it a despot, disease or dread, all render those afflicted with fear as dead from the neck up, either in fact or demeanor.

Would be dictators are using these times to tear at the fabric of America.  The deadliest virus here is tyranny and freedom the only vaccine.  Emma Goodman reminds use, “People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.” 

We are being lied to and worse, information is being kept from us.  The Chinese Communist Party, (CCP) is I believe, behind the creation of this virus.  Scientists say it was engineered in a laboratory in order to infect humans.  Virologists who study this have determined that the way in which the proteins attach to this virus could not have happened in nature.  The CCP cares nothing for human rights or human lives.  We need to understand that the CCP is our mortal enemy with designs to strangle us.  Until we accept that as fact, they will advance on their plans to overtake us.

Joe Biden is a CCP agent.  Via his position as Vice-President, he arranged for his son to be involved with managing billions of Chinese dollars in a deal that defies explanation other than to conclude a pay-to-play arrangement.  Biden is terminally compromised by the CCP.

The new, weak, masked and gloved America I’m seeing today doesn’t appear up to the task of maintaining our great heritage.  Many Americans seem unengaged or worse, uncaring.  Thomas Paine reminds us, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” 

We need to first, abandon China entirely and declare it an enemy-state, prohibiting any and all business dealings with them.  China cannot survive without America and we must allow the CCP to rot on the vine so the Chinese people can seize control of their country.  The CCP is trying to kill us.  We need to return the favor.

After the dust settles enough that we can escape the fog of war mentality that has overwhelmed some, we need to quickly identify those petty tyrants in local and state governments who were so quick to those levers of power and vanquish them from public life as unsuitable for the purposes of freedom.  At the highest levels of our national leadership, we need to coalesce around a common theme of the survival of the American story and the demise of the CCP.

I desperately hope that I am wrong when I look at today’s Americans and see weakness.  I hope that there are others who share my sense of disgust and disappointment and agree that we have to take back our destiny and determine our own paths.  Bob Marley said, “

“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.”

This new time in America provides for us a jumping-off point for a revival of what made us great in our inception.  James Baldwin said, “Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be.”

 Do enough of us still cherish freedom as much as our founders did? 

Let us rededicate ourselves to America and to our freedoms as we maneuver around today’s petty tyrants and a climate of misinformation.  We do well remembering Henry David Thoreau’s famous words of inspiration.  “I was not born to be forced.  I will breathe after my own fashion.  Let us see who is the strongest.  Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”  

We need to take back America now.  Napoleon said, “Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.”  I pray to God for our country, and I pray we make the right decisions, closing with the beautiful words of Lord Byron, who said,   

“But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
falling, like dew, upon a thought produces
that which makes thousands, perhaps millions think.” 

I hope so.


Greenville, Mississippi

The letter below is in reaction to the police action that took place in a church parking lot. Parishioners were in their own cars, windows up, and the pastor was preaching from the church steps. You must speak up when tyrants attack…

Chief Wilson:

After viewing the incident this last weekend regarding your officers ticketing people in the church parking lot, I offer the following comments.

I’m a private investigator in New York with a strong educational background in law, as well as a childhood enjoyed as the son of a police officer. What your officers did this weekend in that church parking lot was vile.

Regardless of any local decisions, regional decrees, state mandates or national guidelines, the decision to issue those tickets and harass those parishioners demonstrates a lack of basic understanding regarding God-given human rights, as well as fundamental Constitutional rights. Any decent cop, with any training at all would balk at any action like this.

As a result of their bad-judgment, these men should be terminated.  Additionally, if you condone their actions, or otherwise have the temerity to defend it in any fashion, you ought to resign as well. Clearly, the “training” these officers received was severely lacking. Even in the total absence of any training, any officer, or civilian that thought this was OK obviously lacks the basic intelligence to be in a position of authority.

One of your officers actually told the pastor that his rights were being suspended. The officer appeared to be a veteran and that is even more alarming. A black cop lecturing a black pastor about “suspending” his rights in Mississippi is a little more than ironic.  Statements like that made 60 years ago saw people hanging from ropes.  The officer that made that statement deserves to be fired.

I would be counseling all who were ticketed to sue the ass off the municipality. And while many may see this as a money grab, I see it as a deterrent, and an example of why municipalities and their police officers cannot do whatever the hell they want to do. I hope that the full force of public opinion as well as legal consequence rightfully reins down on you, the department, the officers, and any others that defend this atrocity.


R.T. Kingsley