Schooling the Woke

The following is an article published recently in the Oswegonian campus newspaper at Oswego State University in Oswego, NY.

What follows are my comments sent back to the newspaper.



America’s Hatred For Immigrants Is Disgusting

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America does not stand as the pillar of land of the free and home of the brave, but instead the place with opportunity where people look to exchange their blood, sweat and tears for the crumbs of a decent life. 

It does not come as a surprise that Haitian immigrants were next on the list and it might as well be said that they will not be the last. Looking at those pictures of border patrol officers chasing migrants on horseback, regardless of whatever excuses that people are looking to make, is disturbing to say the least. The fact that human beings needed to be wrangled together by people on horses with lassoes is animalistic. In one video circulating, a border patrol officer can be seen hurling insults at migrants telling them “you use your women! This is why your country is sh*t because you use your women!” It is simple, the humanity is just not there. Garcelle Beauvais, an actress and presenter of Haitian heritage, said that seeing the pictures was as if she was watching a slave movie happen in 2021. 

At this point, it is beginning to register as complete and utter stupidity when people act as if they cannot be empathetic to someone else’s situation. There always seems to be an ease with criminalizing black and brown immigrants. People who are anti-immigrant tend to act as if they are incapable of walking in someone else’s shoes but it is not true, it is just easier to view them foreigners, aliens and labeling the situation as trying “to control the invasion,” as stated by Hugo Gurdon of the Washington Examiner, because then they get to sleep a bit better at night with their dirty conscience. 

Why is the visibly terrible treatment of immigrants so polarizing? 

When did looking for survival and attempting to seek asylum become criminal?

Something that is often omitted in this topic is asking how some of the people who were deported back to Haiti are going to cope after having left and fled to Chile, Brazil, Panama and other Latin countries for years trying to look for opportunities.

Though I can understand that there were a lot of migrants, the situation did not warrant the treatment they received.

Whether it is Haitians today, Asian people tomorrow and people of hispanic descent the day before, the perception of migrants of color as invaders or a caravan of inferior beings will continue because this is the ideology in which this country is founded upon. Unless, of course, it benefits them.

It is beyond preposterous for people to continue to promote the idea that when immigrants come here they are somehow taking anything from anyone. That same courage that it took to leave their home country and families, is the same tenacity they use to clean the bathrooms and do the peasant jobs that they find beneath them in order to provide for their families and give their children a better tomorrow.

Let’s be honest, America only likes people of different backgrounds when they get to go and visit them in their “sh*thole countries” to examine and take pictures of them like zoo animals. It is like going to Africa to see the wild elephants and feed them. They only like it when they are the one’s in the front seat, with the bag of peanuts saying “aren’t you a good boy.” Only then is it okay to feed the wild bastardous animals. 

Former President Donald Trump was only saying what half of the country was already thinking. And until that changes and people like Mitch McConnell and people who share those views start to recognize the humanity in others who look different and have less than they do, then things will start to change. 


This is in response to Oswegonian staff writer Eurokah Sejour’s article appearing on October 1, 2021 titled America’s hatred for immigrants is disgusting.

Sejour is the product of a corrupted educational system that has rendered him and others in that system less capable of thinking and reasoning on their own, and more prone to being indoctrinated and cajoled into the group think of today’s “woke” world.

The young writer makes wild accusations accusing the border patrol agents of using lasso’s and “wrangling” those illegal aliens attempting to trespass into the United States.  That story has been completely debunked and Sejour is simply making it up as he goes along.  Shame on the Oswegonian editors for not fact checking their own writers.  Agents on horseback use reins to control their animals.  That is the truth.  No lassos no wrangling, just US border agents attempting to do their jobs.

The United States is a country of laws.  The rules regarding immigration are long established and millions of law-abiding people from all over the world have respected our laws, followed the rules, and entered our country legally.  The United States has taken in more legal and illegal immigrants over our history than any other country in the world.  Our young scribe tells us our country sucks while hundreds of thousands risk it all to come here.  Ironic.

What is being done at our southern border is the antithesis of lawful.  Without a border you have no country.  Without laws you have no order.  Without country or order, you have anarchy.

Sejour and his ilk can be forgiven for being too young to know any better, too inexperienced to have a good frame of reference and too cowed by a failed educational juggernaut, but be aware, you are being taught what to think and not how to think and that my young friends, will lead you away from and not towards the truth.  Question your assumptions and always have a healthy skepticism towards those attempting to sway you or convince you of something.  If ideas cannot stand up to questions, criticism and the test of reality, then the ideas themselves are failed ideas.  Accept the fact that the truth may not be that which you are assuming.  You are a student.  Be ready to learn and keep an open, skeptical mind.  The university system is turning you into a good soldier of their ideas, not a student of your own.