Things Are Not As They Seem

As the black-socialist, radical underground movement tunnels its way to the surface of a world gone mad, normal is under attack.  A closer examination reveals that it isn’t a black uprising at all, but a subset of predominantly white, self-loathing young people ashamed of their own existence and seeking atonement at the alter of the myth of systemic racism in America.  Years of misinformation, a lack of historical teaching, and an agenda-driven educational system geared to indoctrinate rather than inform by teaching what to think instead of how to think leads us to this moment.

Ward Connerly is a well-respected 81-year-old black iconoclast and founder of the American Civil Rights Institute.  An actual descendent of slaves, he has lived through the era of Jim Crow and defacto racism and this is what he had to say recently in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal.

“The claim that America is “systemically racist” is a false narrative that fuels racial paranoia, division and hatred.”  He went on to say, “Our history is the best proof that America is not a racist nation. A nation of white racists wouldn’t elect and re-elect a black man as president. Those who assert that the U.S. is racist must, at a minimum, address this historical fact.”

Since 1980, more than 2 million sub-Saharan African’s have legally emigrated to the US.   Would they flock to a racist nation?  U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is one of those emigrants.  After the United States of America saved the lives of her and her extended family by allowing their settlement here from Somalia, she was able to rise to the highest level of political office.  Today, Omar uses her office as a bully-pulpit to trash America.  Back in Somalia, her words would get her killed.

As hate-filled as Omar is, America is unique in protecting her right to her hatred.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Born a poor black girl in America, billionaire Oprah Winfrey becomes so popular she is recognizable by only her first name.  Professional football player Colin Kaepernick took a knee during our national anthem expressing his opinion about racial oppression, while under contract to make upwards of $126 million.  Many National Basketball Association players have lots of opinions about racism and the police, never mind that the league is 75% black and the average salary is $7.7 million. 

These very people, the most recognizable and vocal with a media platform to reach millions, sadly use their voices to convince us that what we see with our own eyes isn’t true.  These famous people are living proof that achievement and success are a part of the American fabric.  Better their voices be directed at those in despair and facing in the wrong direction.  Better to use those powerful voices to say, I did it, you can do it too, instead of trying to convince us that the greatness, the beauty and traditions of the United States of America are anything less than extraordinary, exceptional and a gift from God Almighty.


Occupy Lake Wobegon

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just as true today………….

Unlike the noble efforts of George Washington and his brave troops at Valley Forge during the terrible winter of 1777, the newly minted men of the neo-emasculation movement fold up their tents as the winter of 2012 descends upon them.  Instead of celebrating the good fortune of being born an American and thanking God almighty for limitless opportunities, these socially constructed eunuchs chant for a modern day Robin Hood. Far from wanting a level playing field, this group despises the game itself, preferring mutual mediocrity for all.

The days of scoreless T-Ball are over kids.

If you’re surprised by this outcome, you shouldn’t be.  This is the mentality bred when competition is scuttled from childhood via the enlightened helicopter parent’s who present the gift of  “illusory superiority” to their precious little one-of-a-kind brats in training.  Illusory superiority overstates ones abilities while understating their weaknesses.  In one study, 85% of high school students rated themselves as above average while 25% put themselves in the top 1%.  While all of the children in Garrison Keillor’s make-believe town of Lake Wobegon were above average, those NPR listening parents must have believed it to be real.

When you promote, support and endorse mediocrity, you demote success, achievement and drive.  When you punish the successful and gifted by forcing them to slow their pace to match the lowest performer, you sap their enthusiasm under the misguided assumption that doing so somehow rewards those at the bottom.

When you do away with the class valedictorian under the guise of offending lower performers, you breed the acceptance of low expectations.  When every kid in a classroom gets an award or certificate, so we don’t leave anyone out, you breed self-loathing.  When you encourage high self-esteem in those who should be reticent and reflective about poor choices, you breed narcissism.

When you allow a dose of reality to squarely hit your kid along side the head when he deserves it, you breed self reliance.  When you refuse to interfere with a social problem involving childhood rivalries and disputes, you teach self awareness and pride.  And when you punish bad behavior and reward exemplary performance, you build the foundation upon which cannot rest the mentality of the occupy movement. 

People from all over the world are willingly risking arrest, deportation, imprisonment and even death itself, just for the opportunity to set foot on American soil.  Their reasons and motivations for doing so are a much better study in what is good about the United States than the sad portrait painted at the not so artful hand of today’s occupiers, so far removed from their proud relatives at Valley Forge.