Dear Mr. President:

Regarding the first debate, and moving forward, I have a suggestion that will combine doing the right thing with immediately improving your chances of being re-elected.

Mr. Biden brought up memories of his deceased son Beau, a decorated US war veteran that tragically died of brain cancer.  It was admittedly a confusing moment because you were actually focusing on his other son, Hunter.  Nevertheless, when Beau was mentioned, Mr. Biden was visibly shaken, as any father would be.

This is my suggestion to you sir.  Immediately after the next debate starts, tell the moderator that you need to make a quick statement directly to Mr. Biden and then face him and say the following:

Joe, our last meeting got a little out of hand, but there was a moment I want to revisit.  You mentioned your son Beau and I want to acknowledge him as the decorated and courageous US war veteran that he was and is.  You and your family have seen more than your share of grief and for that you have my compassionate sympathy.  I certainly meant no disrespect to your son for whom you and our country are understandably very proud.

Mr. President, I believe that if you do this it will be seen as strong positive gesture that requires a degree of humility and dignity that from which, quite frankly, the debate process moving forward would undoubtedly benefit.

Thank-you Mr. President for your leadership.  You have my full support.  Best of luck in the coming debates, best of luck in the upcoming election, and may God Almighty bless you and our great United States of America.  Godspeed.

Kind regards,


The Tree of Liberty..

Before today, the last time I was genuinely fearful for my country was in 1964. As a 5th grader being forced to shelter under my desk and face away from the windows, our teacher had us convinced that nuclear annihilation was likely. As an impressionable child, I followed the lead of that teacher, someone I trusted.

Today, I’m once again fearful for my country, but this time, the person I trust in making that analysis is me. As the lucky recipient of an old-school education that taught me how to think and not what to think, I have made my own observations and drawn my own conclusions. After living on this planet for more than 67 years, that dread I felt under my desk has resurfaced and this time, it is my own understanding and conclusions that fuel that fear.

Our country is evenly split between the two parties. Win or lose, either way, the outcome will result in mayhem and social unrest. Everyone is on edge. Trump, Biden, Barrett, Covid, masks, unemployment, riots, arson, assaults, murder, social isolation, BLM, George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, uncertainty, frustration, anger, depression, we are all being influenced by the issues of the day, while we continue in social isolation.

Jefferson warned that, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”I fear that soon after the election, that tree will either be cut-down or refreshed. Either way, the very nerve structure of the country will be tested and face assault. My level of trepidation in today’s situation is not unlike what I felt in that classroom some 56 years ago except today; I believe the threat is real.



The more polite amongst readers might suggest that in lieu of miscreants I say, felons, parolees, those on probation, friends-of-felons, admirer-of-felons, supporters of felons, thugs, bad-guys, gang-members, hood-rats etc. but instead, I’ll just call them all miscreants for the sake of this article because they share so much in common while having so little distinction from one another.

It begins when two miscreants have sex that creates a life they can’t afford or properly manage.  Without a decent, two-parent, loving, nurturing, God-fearing family unit, not surprisingly, from such unions young miscreants are being cultivated and replicated.  While the patriarchal, white-privileged, racist system does everything imaginable to save these poor kids from the miscreants who created them, most of the time this fails, and  miscreant wannabes exchange the system of education for the system of enforcement, policing, adjudicating and finally incarceration.  At this point, our newly-minted miscreants have finally found the “family” they missed growing up, that being the family of fellow miscreants in jails and prisons.

Back in “the hood”, this series of digressions are seen as positive, a way of validating ones “street cred”, what is known in those black communities as “keeping it real.”  “Keeping it real” is shorthand for refusing to become domesticated, socialized and civilized, a goal of today’s Black Lives Matter movement.  The systematic cycling of young black men through this system is as proud a moment for miscreants as is the bar mitzvah for the Jews and college graduation for the otherwise domesticated, socialized and civilized.   

Today’s welfare-state perversely incentivizes miscreant’s continued bad behaviors by failing to condition social benefits on positive steps towards self-sufficiency and the acceptance of social norms.  The soft bigotry of low expectations lowers standards while cultivating learned helplessness which leads to hopelessness and despair.

The Justice Policy Institute states that each year, the U.S. incurs an estimated $8-$21 billion in long-term costs for the confinement of young people.  Here in New York State, the cost of incarcerating a juvenile is over $400.00 per day.  This is a portion of what Ohio county court judge Anthony Capizzi had to say about kids in the system. 

”The reality is, by keeping a child out of prison, we save this county $170,000 a year.”

Our current system is like feeding a really bad diet to a horse and then going around to the back of the animal and trying to solve the problem as it exits.  Perverse incentives that destroy ambition and self-worth are counter-productive and failing.  We need to positively incentivize the absence of pregnancy in communities that aren’t equipping people to become responsible and financially independent parents.  Paying young men and women to submit to birth-control measures is a much more humane and thoughtful approach that front-loads the system with cash that can jump-start a new and different life-trajectory for young people before having children.

That portion of society that is domesticated, socialized and civilized is paying the costs of the current system that isn’t working and hasn’t worked in a social engineering experiment that is now pushing 50 years in the making.  It is time to try alternatives.  Ruined lives, societal challenges and the degradation of civilized humanity is the current result.  We can do better by providing positive incentives for positive behaviors.     


On The Brink

A Biden presidency will potentially end America as we know it.  Biden is a self-serving principle-less opportunist with a 50-year track record of following not leading.  He has accomplished nothing of note for our country, instead enriching himself and his family through his political connections.  Joe Biden is the poster boy for what the Swamp represents.  Any intellectually honest assessment of his current state-of-mind and his obvious inability to think on his feet or survive without his handlers ought to alarm everyone.  The man is clearly suffering from some kind of dementia or other mental disorder.  Politics aside, he is not capable of the rigors of the presidency.

Biden is a proven plagiarist.  He embellishes himself and his record because both need embellishment.  Biden’s second and current wife is the product of an open-affair conducted while both were still married.  This speaks to his lack of honor.  Biden is pro-abortion while claiming to be a Catholic.  The only thing preventing Biden from continuing to make bald-faced lies is his fear of being recorded.  When the fear of being caught is the only check on honesty, lack of character is the problem.

Biden’s behavior around children and women has all the markings of a sexual deviant.  Joe Biden is the epitome of a dirty old man.  A normal person can’t help but wince seeing Joe in action at these well-publicized photo-ops where he is in full-pervert mode.  There are multiple cringe-worthy examples of this, but Trump Derangement Syndrome has cast scales upon the eyes of the Biden faithful.

Doesn’t she look comfortable
Need any more examples?

Under a Trump presidency pre-Covid, the country was in perhaps the greatest shape of her life.  Unemployment was statistically zero.  The stock market was in record-setting territory.  The regulatory state was being dismantled and freedom and liberty celebrated.  Prison reform, the over-haul of the military, accountability at the VA the dismantling of NAFTA, the elimination of ISIS and the killing of Solimani and El-Baghdadi, respect for Israel, control over China’s abuses in trade and the insistence that our NATO allies pay their fair share.  Legacy support for historically black colleges, the appointment of legitimate constitutionally-grounded judges instead of activist extremists and the world-wide acknowledgement that America is no longer the toothless dragon that she was under an Obama presidency.

Donald Trump kept his promises and indeed Made America Great Again.

The China flu will now be the excuse that blames the Trump administration for everything while ignoring all of the accomplishments.  All of the wannabes will Monday morning quarterback what they allegedly would have done differently and better, as if they actually know, and claim to be the better for it.  The difference is, Trump has actually done what he said he would do, and the others simply talk.

Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, BLM, Antifa, “The Squad”, rioting, looting, arson and mayhem.  This is America’s future under Joe Biden.

Traditional American values, law, order, peace, respect for the police, the right to life, to bear arms, to peacefully assemble and to peaceably make changes to an America that has never stopped growing, improving and adjusting.  That is life under a Trump presidency.

The choice has never been more stark.  The America whose flag we salute, whose anthem we sing, who’s future we cry for and who’s legacy many have died for, or the future as defined by the degenerate Cardi-B, the feckless Kamala Harris and the senile Joe Biden. 

We are destined to remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Biden/Harris liberalism promises the home of the afraid and everything provided by the government for free.  This must not be the America of tomorrow.