Good versus Evil..

There is a finiteness attached to a lack of something and infiniteness only possible in its abundance.  Silence is the absence of sound, darkness the absence of light, stillness the absence of movement and cold simply the absence of heat.  Silence can’t get quieter, dark darker, stillness stiller or cold colder.  Sound, light, heat and movement can all be intensified in one direction only, outward from their absences and infinitely intensified by volume.

Good and evil I believe can be thought of in the same way.  Evil is the absence of good and can only intensify in direct proportion to a lack of goodness.  Just as sound, light, motion and heat defeat silence, darkness, stillness and cold, goodness overcomes evil.

God and faith gird our goodness.  The more distance we put between ourselves and God, the closer we allow evil to come.

Just as heat, light, motion and sound are all choices that we moderate, so too is it with our relationship with God and our faithfulness and with that comes the level of evil we are willing to tolerate.

Our duty to ourselves is only one of two responsibilities we face when addressing our positions in the battle of goodness over evil.  The second condition has to do with the state of our collective conscientiousness that indicates to God the validity of a nation, the nobility of a people and the worthiness of mankind as we are judged by the Almighty when He holds us up to His image, which is what he had in mind upon our creation.

When that day comes when the collective evil in the world outweighs the good and the faithless outnumber the faithful, it will be too late but today is not that day and today, we can reaffirm our faith and redouble our relationship with God as we celebrate His birth and refocus on that which matters most; Goodness.