The latest liberal catch phrase you’ll be hearing lots about is the fake concept of “fake news.”  What this actually is though is censorship disguised as scholarship.  You see, liberals don’t have any faith in their fellow human’s abilities to ascertain truth from fiction.  They believe that they know more, have deeper insights and possess superior intellect to anyone else, with the exception of their “fellow-travelers”; those elevated spirits that share their dinner parties, book clubs and wine tasting soirees.


Facebook has decided to employ ABC News and others, to provide “fact-checking” for content deemed questionable.  The ironic idiocy of this campaign supporting censorship is the fact that the self-anointed moral elites responsible for concocting this garbage to begin with, are now self-empowered to appoint ABC News as the Arbiter of Truth.  But wait, just last month, ABC News reporter Lindsey Davis was outed for concocting a fake crime scene, complete with fake crime scene tape, all made-up for a segment that was to appear on Good Morning America.  “This action is completely unacceptable and fails to meet the standards of ABC News,” said Julie Townsend, the vice president of communications at ABC News. “As soon as it was brought to our attention, we decided to take the producer out of the field, and we’re investigating further.”  Really?  What standards?


ABC also completely ignored the fact that the FBI had been conducting a yearlong investigation involving the Clinton Foundation, only tacitly admitting it when not doing so would have completely erased their already fading credibility.  Moreover, it seems that the trend for fabrication runs throughout the organizational culture.  Earlier this year, David Fazekas, a news producer for ABC News fabricated a restaurants secret and exclusive list of reservations in preparation for a story.  Fazekas later told The New Yorker that the chef “wouldn’t let us see his actual list, so I wrote it myself—like a reenactment in a documentary.”


AllSides.com, a website that ranks bias in news organizations, rated ABC News as “Left Leaning.”  They went on to state that regarding the 2008 election, employees from the three major networks donated over 1 million dollars to the Democrats and only $142,000 to Republicans.  According to a Washington Post story written by Chris Cillizza, just 7% of journalists are Republicans, yet this group of phonies are qualified to decide for people what is true and what is false?  I don’t think so.


The made-up concept of “fake news” is  nothing more than the continued crying of sore loser liberals, convinced that their failed candidate could not have possibly lost because she was inferior, condescending and unconnected to the voters, no it had to be an outside force, like “fake news.”


Get over it, you lost.  Grab your coloring book, go to your safe-space, have a pumpkin latte and give those tear ducts a good workout.  Call it a cleansing and then call it a day.  The most obviously fake thing about this election, was the capacity for acceptance and tolerance of the losers.