June 24, 2017 was a Saturday.  I know this because that was the day my oldest child and only son was nearly killed.  Bobby was riding his motorcycle when a car pulled out of a side street and into his path.  The quick thinking of the local mailman may have saved his life as he attended to him before the ambulance could arrive.

Taken to a nearby trauma center, Bobby was near death and in a coma.  He had a closed brain injury, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, internal injuries and many broken bones.  Several leg fractures remained open and unable to be repaired because he was so unstable.

As the days passed, Bob’s lungs were getting worse.  His ability to absorb enough oxygen to live was decreasing below survivable levels.  The decision was made to airlift him to a Level 1 trauma center because a special respirator located there was his only hope.

A few days later, a Navy surgeon took me aside and told me that I had best start preparing my ex-wife for the fact that our son was not going to make it.  He had been in a deprived oxygen state for too long.  Even if he survived all of the other medical issues, his brain was likely to be damaged badly.  He would probably never regain consciousness.

Bobby remained in a coma for just over two weeks.  He remained in the hospital for 90 some days and underwent nine surgeries.  He then spent the next thirty plus days in an in-patient, rehabilitation center and when finally discharged to go home, in a wheelchair, spent the next several months attending daily outpatient rehabilitation from eight to five where he learned to walk again, get into and out of a bed, a shower and a car.

On March 24, 2018, exactly nine months to the day, my son drove from his home in Virginia Beach to visit me here in New York.  When most people think about the term, “nine-months” they think about pregnancy and new life.  So do I.  I think about the new life God Almighty gave to my son.  I thank God for the miracle of his recovery, and the hope and inspiration it has surly provided for all who witnessed this miraculous event.

Only the power of God saved Bobby.  I hope that the hundreds and hundreds of people who prayed for him were bolstered in their own faith by becoming a real part of his salvation and hopefully, their own.

The scores of medical people who touched Bob were all doing the work of God.  Clearly the Lord has something particular in mind for this fortunate young man who has had his life handed back to him by the very object of what true perfection can only be, and than is in the person of God Almighty Himself.

As we celebrate Easter, realize the fact that Jesus died for those who believe.  This is as true and as literal for all of us, as it is literal and true for Bobby getting his life back.  Thank you Father.  All glory be to You.



Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has vocalized what every gun-hating liberal has been feeling for decades now; collective disdain for the 2nd Amendment.  At least Stevens has the guts to say it out loud.  While I vehemently disagree, I admire his temerity in advocating for the amendments repel.

The collective gutlessness of the anti-gun movement has been sickeningly apparent since they first began their pathetic whining.  Stevens has finally dragged them out of the closet.  Now, instead of hapless cries for ineffective and marginal measures that do nothing and make no meaningful or substantive changes, the cowards movement, (as they deserve to be called), openly and proudly advocates for defenseless surrender in the face of assault, oppression and tyranny.

Cowards give up.  Cowards live in fear.  Cowards embrace surrender, defeat and accept oppression from their suppressors.  No document, law, manifest or movement can take away God-given rights, amongst them self-defense.  The cowards that try, do so at their own peril.  The right to cowardess is inward.  Those who embrace their inner coward cannot impose it on others.  The fearful-of-all-things mindset that celebrates the amendments repeal is too cowardly to prevail, smothered ironically by their own fear.


King Cuomo II

King Cuomo II is at it again.  Blue blood, coursing through the royal veins of aristocracy must completely obliterate any sense of irony and propriety for those to whom the manor were born.  Nothing else could possibly justify Cuomo’s recent decree regarding the blanket pardoning of children that skipped school throughout NY in solidarity with the political movement, created via the Parkland Florida school shooting.

Sensing opportunity to orchestrate political theatre on the backs of naive and vulnerable kids, Cuomo wrote the following statement in a letter to NYS Education Commissioner, Mary Ellen Elsa.

…”Peaceful expression of views on controversial issues that is not disruptive or threatening is a right that all students have in this country, and any attempts to stifle this speech violates the constitutional rights of students and faculty to free speech. Threatening to discipline students for participating in the peaceful demonstrations is not only inappropriate, it is unconstitutional.”

Does the King even read his own words?  How does the walkout of a portion of the student body, while school is in session, in the middle of the day, in the middle of classes not constitute a “disruptive” situation?  While this was happening more-or-less erratically and largely unorganized, how were these situations not potentially “threatening” to students as well as staff?  With entry ways suddenly breeched, staff was split between their classrooms where many students remained, and their obligation to supervise those outside.  This created a threatening, vulnerable and uncontrolled environment with too few people to provide proper oversight.


The walkouts were designed to be disruptive and threatening, but no matter to the King when his pet project is being advanced by a gaggle of schoolchildren unwittingly doing his bidding.  Those in the gun-hating segment of the media, led my CNN and funded by Mike Bloomberg, create the photo-ops that are the magic, media moments.  Cuomo then unashamedly rides that sentiment like a rented mule, taking advantage of our young people’s raw emotion, fear and tragedy.

All involved should be charged with child abuse.


Does anyone really believe that the King would be so supportive and so concerned with constitutional rights had a simultaneous walkout been organized by students against the SAFE Act?


Proof that former Prince Andy failed the bar exam several times becomes evident by his clear misinterpretation on the constitutionality of speech.  Constitutional Law is one of the first subjects taught in the first semester of law school.  Those who passed the bar understand that the right to free speech is not unlimited.  That right could have been exercised before or after school, but the impact of the disruptiveness was really the object and clearly not constitutionally protected speech as Cuomo suggests.

Those in positions of power have shamelessly harnessed the youthful exuberance of naive school kids to further their own agenda because if reason, logic and thoughtful conversation prevail, it is a losing proposition for their actual agenda; repealing the 2nd Amendment.






Albany Keeps Us SAFE

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and his sycophants in Albany are pushing to expand the SAFE Act.  Following Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s advise to, “never let a tragedy go to waste”, King Cuomo and his court of jester’s react like Pavlov’s dogs every time they hear gun fire, salivating over whatever ineffective, feel-good legislation they can enact in the middle of the night.


However, facts are stubborn things.


From the tragedy of 9-11 until today, the vast majority of “failings” regarding public safety were due to the failures of government.  Governmental agencies failing to communicate with each other or share data allowed 9-11 to happen.  The Texas church shooter should have been on a prohibited list, but the military failed to update the database.  The Florida school shooting where deputies hid outside, waiting for the gunfire to stop.  Social workers, caseworkers, school officials, all failed to pursue mental health options in so many cases where the shooters instability was obvious to everyone.


Nothing in the SAFE Act would have prevented any of the mass shootings, yet the same government that has failed us regularly, now proposes solutions.  It is because of failed government that we celebrate and cherish our right to firearms.



King Andy


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a fraud of the first order, anointed into the political class courtesy of his father’s fame, fortune and political muscle.  Andrew’s father, three-time New York Governor Mario Cuomo was a smart, old school, self-made man.  Andrew is a legacy and unlike his father, is no intellectual, having struggled academically his entire life, culminated by failing the bar exam multiple times.

The elder Cuomo was bright and articulate while his son is a reactionary and vindictive, thin-skinned blowhard.  Without the name, the money and the political arsenal of the power brokers his father developed, Andrew would be just another handsome face in New York, the pretty-boy type real men hate for such stunning lack of depth.  Male model looks worthy of a magazine cover, but inside a book of pulp fiction.

Cuomo isn’t even up to the standard of ordinary, but by virtue of his gene-pool luck, the kingdom perpetuates its existence while the plebes continue to believe that have a choice in the Kingdom of New York.


Man on Left: Dean Skelos, convicted felon, tossed out of office.

Man on Right:  Sheldon Silver, convicted felon, tossed out of office

Man in Middle:  Andrew Cuomo, King of New York, pure as the driven snow

3 men in a room


Batteries Not Included



To breathless fanfare, politicians hustled their podiums in front of whatever gaggle of media microphones and TV cameras they could find, in order to extol the wonders of business success and job creation here in the Southern Tier.  Imperium3, a next-generation battery-maker has formed a consortium and plans on moving their operation to the Huron Campus in Endicott, (the former IBM manufacturing complex), sometime in 2019.

Since its creation in 2016, Imperium3 has been handed a total of $7.50 million in revitalization incentives and tax credits, with an additional $5.75 million in investment tax credits anticipated.  In exchange for this largess of other people’s money, the company promises the creation of 230 jobs in the next five years.  This translates to taxpayer funded support equivalent to $57,608.00 per job.

Add to this the fact that Imperium3 paid, at a bankruptcy auction only $5 million dollars for a reported $200 million dollars worth of, “nearly new” battery-making equipment from a North Carolina company named Alevo.  Translation: the investors in that failed scheme were left holding the bag for a $195 million dollar loss.

How is it that a bankrupt battery maker in North Carolina finds itself in such dire straits that it is selling “nearly new” equipment for 2 1/2 cents on the dollar?  Excerpts from an August 2017 article in the Charlotte Business Journal entitled; “What led to Concord Battery Manufacturer Alevo’s Demise”, might be a harbinger to the future of Imperium3:

“The company started operation in Concord in 2014 with enormous fanfare and a promise of 2,500 jobs when the plant went into full production. It never got close. It had 290 employees at Concord when it closed. All but 45 have been laid off. Those workers will remain at the plant through September as the company closes up shop in preparation for liquidation of its assets.

Alevo has struggled to produce the 2-megawatt utility-scale batteries — housed in 40-foot tractor-trailer carriers — that were central to the battery system it sought to market. More than three years after opening, it had only a single production line and little actual production. Only one battery — installed in March for the municipal utility of Hagerstown, Md. — has been delivered.”

The demise of Alevo and the impact that had on Charlotte, North Carolina ought to be a cautionary tale to New York’s elected officials, but its not.  It’s too easy to experiment with someone else’s money.

If Imperium3 can’t open its doors without $13.25 million dollars in taxpayer assistance, and needs to find operating equipment for 2 1/2 cents on the dollar, it is hardly a model of the robust free-market capitalism success story.  Alevo’s bankruptcy and the fleecing of those investors, combined with the necessity of NY taxpayer funding in order for Imperium3 to simply to begin operation, is today’s equivalent of compelling taxpayers in 1888 to fund Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp Root Tonic.


The important difference however, is that Kilmer built his empire on his own dime.


Drivel Versus Dribble


Conservatives in America first and foremost see people as unique and special individuals and only secondarily as groups.  The Left prefers to categorize people into sub-sets of groups and downplays the concept of individuality, preferring instead to force people into categories, reducing them to a simple commodity.  The Left assigns sameness to groups at the expense of their uniqueness as individuals.

Where the Left sees blacks, women, the poor, the rich, the 1%, etc., Conservatives see individuals, each with unique qualities, specific challenges and all different sorts of potentials, problems and pitfalls.

The proof of this claim is easy to establish.

For example, the Left asserts the notion that because black students in a high school makeup 10% of the student body, expulsion rates higher than 10% are de facto proof of racism.  Similarly, the Left points to the fact that while blacks are approximately 13% of the US population, their incarceration rate of nearly 38% of the overall inmate population proves racism.

The only way to reach these conclusions is to view blacks as a monolithic group, no different from any other group, devoid of uniqueness, individuality or nuance.  It is a simplistic analysis completely absent of consideration for the person.

If the Left is right about this way of measuring institutional racism, the following should also be true.

The racial makeup of the National Basketball Association, (NBA) should be approximately 13% black, 18% Latino and 61% white because this is the percentage of these groups in the US population.  Major League Baseball should share the same statistics, as should professional golf, hockey, etc., if we are to accept this flawed notion that groups of people are monolithic.


How then does the Left explain that the NBA is actually 74% black, 2% Latino and only 23% white?  Baseball is 8% black, 29% Latino and 59% white.  Of the approximately 713 active players on the National Hockey League, about 32 are black, or 4.4%.

And finally, how would the Left possibly explain Tiger Woods?  Just this past weekend, golf fans all but abandoned every other player on the course to follow Woods to a second place finish.  How would the Left possibly explain Woods being the most revered golfer in history and one of the highest paid athletes of all times, black or white?

Hero World Challenge - Round Three

The NBA is under-represented by white and Latino players because the league seeks the best possible talent and it so happens that the black players are better.  While the Left is counting colors, the rest of us are seeing individuals.  Rules in schools and laws in society compel behaviors and demand consequences.  Whether expelled or incarcerated, if the process for determining this is applied fairly and equally, then color don’t matter.

Those who think otherwise are simply making excuses for poor performance, bad behavior and criminal activity, hiding behind the flawed and now disproven theory of racism by the numbers.



The Rule of Law

We hear this common phrase used frequently, however I question how many genuinely understand its meaning?  To say one believes in the rule of law is the statement of an absolute certainty.  In most speeches about law and order, you will hear along with it the phrase, “we are a nation of laws”.  It is true, the United States prides itself on being governed by laws, so why is it that while almost everyone agrees with the adage that the US is a nation of laws and that the rule of law prevails, so many on the Left act in ways that completely and totally contradict lawfulness?


Laws govern immigration.  Those here unlawfully are by definition law-breakers.  The consequences of violating laws are spelled out in the law itself.  Once charged with a violation and adjudicated as guilty, the penalty is defined.  To vary from this system is the very definition of anarchy.


For those who disagree with the law, the proper and civil method of addressing that is to work to either amend, rescind or re-write that law.  The idea of simply violating those laws with which you disagree and accepting those with which you do is still anarchy, totally unpredictable and dependent on the mood of the individual.  The rule of law provides uniformity, conformity and calculable behavior amongst law-abiding citizens.  Knowing the law and the public’s general acceptance of those laws allows others in society to make reasoned inference on how others will behave.  Leaving compliance to the whim of individuals is unacceptable.


Because of an ignorance in civics and history, many on the Left are misguided regarding their philosophy on why it seems to them OK to violate immigration law.  In short, the Left believes that our history is one of not only allowing, but encouraging anyone and everyone to migrate to the US.  They believe that only in recent years, Conservatives have sought to close off migration in order to preserve the sameness of an Anglo America.  Both assertions are false.  The Left care more about illegal aliens than they do about their Conservative fellow citizens.  If they could, they would gladly trade one group for the other and disenfranchise conservatism from the landscape, importing hordes of Leftist voters so they might rein in perpetuity.  This is what they think; but few have the temerity to say so publicly.


American Conservatism not only believes in and celebrates our unique culture; we are dedicated to preserving that cultural history some 300 years in the making.  Those risking their lives to come here are escaping their culture and seeking ours.  American culture is no less worthy of protection than any other and assimilation is a requirement of participation in the American Experience.


The rule of law protects this unique and exceptional place for which rivers of blood have been shed in her creation and her defense.  Lady Liberty is no less worthy of that sacrifice today.


Godless Albany

The passing of the Reverend Billy Graham recently serves to exemplify by example the height of an ethical and honorable man.  Juxtaposing this are the immoral aliens that occupy today’s political moonscape in New York State.

Former NYS Senator George Maziarz recently pled guilty to a corruption charge because he spirited away $100,000.00 in campaign donations to pay off a former aid accused of sexual harassment.  Add Maziarz to the list of more than 40 elected NYS officials that in recent times have been caught up in criminal, dishonest and sometimes disgusting behavior, from the former Governor Spitzer on down the line.

Today, we await the jury verdict in the Joseph Percoco case, a Governor Cuomo confidant and Albany insider extraordinaire, accused of bribery.  Syracuse.com reports: “…, the late Gov. Mario Cuomo was known to describe Percoco as a third son. The younger Cuomo joked Percoco was the son his father loved best. And Percoco joked Andrew Cuomo was the bigger brother he never had…”  Yet our esteemed, untarnished Governor wants the public to believe that he knows nothing whatsoever of the untoward dealings of brother Percoco.

That level of ignorance would make the Governor either incompetent or a bald-faced liar and no one, even Cuomo’s detractors see him as incompetent.


By comparison, Graham was known as “America’s Preacher”, having ministered to every US President since Harry Truman.  Graham personally spoke to over 210 million people in more than 185 countries during his years evangelizing.  No one in the history of the world has spoken directly to more people about the gospel than Billy Graham.  He was a man of honor, character and dignity because he was a man of God.  Graham was married to the same woman for 64 years and enjoys a history free of misdeeds.  A testament to the importance of this man to the very character of the United States is the fact that Graham’s casket sat in the rotunda of the US Capitol in memoriam of his service to our country.


While Graham sets a very high bar for us all, Albany has seemingly vetoed the bar out of existence.

The old cliché says, “You can’t legislate morality”, which is true.  Instead, we attempt to influence behaviors by legislating negative consequences when immoral, unethical and illegal activities occur.  Increasing the severity of punishments for the illegal acts of public officials attacks the problem after it takes place and does little to nothing to insure higher standards of performance and expectations.  One could argue that the need to ratchet up sanctions indicates a worsening of the problem.

Our ordinary compass detects direction from the gravity of the earth.  The only way a moral compass provides righteousness in the hearts of men is in concert with a belief, a trust and a relationship with God.  Legislation is not the answer, the Almighty is.  As Tocqueville reminded us in 1835, “Liberty depends on morality. Morality depends upon faith. Faith depends upon God.”

Albany exemplifies governance by the godless.


A Special Kind of Stupid


I have been writing about firearms for over 30 years with the overarching objective of educating and informing those who know little to nothing about the issue.  Regardless of my best efforts, I have failed.  I am disheartened to report that many in the general population of 30 years ago has morphed from ignorant and uninformed into just plain garden variety stupid today.


While it is accurate to acknowledge that the anti-gun, lying media complex has created and fortified the misinformation campaign against firearms, I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the gullible public that ingests this garbage.


Look no further than the very words of the anti-gun public in their expressions of opinion about guns.  My local newspaper’s op-ed section on Sunday printed eleven letters about firearms.  Nine of the eleven were negative and in each of those nine letters, provably false claims were made, not claims where thinking people can differ, but out-and-out falsehoods.  Of course, the Gannett newspaper prints these because the lies justify their dedication towards the anti-gun agenda.


Don Lemon at CNN was caught on-air not knowing the difference between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic firearm and when called on it, he declared that, “it doesn’t matter.”  Well it does matter Don.  Rejecting the truth transforms you from ignorant to willfully stupid and whoever heard that segment with Lemon and still believes him, is stupid as well.


And worse yet, the politician’s who actually are responsible for enacting the laws seem to know less about the subject that the stupid people who elect them.  California Senator Diane Feinstein, a vocal gun-hating ignoramus often mistakes a magazine for a projectile and not only doesn’t understand the differences in a bullets caliber, but clearly doesn’t want to learn because she has been in office for over 25 years, giving her plenty of time to distinguish between fact and fiction.


Political correctness, (PC), has declared as unacceptable calling anyone stupid.  Those who believe this are a special brand of stupid.  After we clear our head from the fog of PC, we know and accept that certain people are stupid and for this, there is no known cure, so I am finished trying to educate the illiterate.  Those voices simply don’t matter anymore because they’re too stupid to bother arguing with.  While these fools are entitled to their own opinions, they cannot construct their own alternative facts.


The millions of us who legally and safely own firearms have had enough lectures from stupid people devoid of facts, blabbering on with the talking points from their fellow travelers who control their small minds and forge their very opinions, useful idiots as Lenin called them.


Here is the reality.  Governmental failure at all levels is to blame for almost every mass tragedy, from 911 to Parkland, yet the useful idiots focus on the firearms.  Now that same government of repeated failures wants to “fix” the problem?  Indeed, a special kind of stupid embraces that.