A young woman went missing some days ago and the media went nuts.  If you Google Gabby Petito, you’ll get over 38 million hits.  Three weeks ago, 22 year-old Petito lived in an ordinary pool of family and friends likely only a few hundred people deep.  If you weren’t a family member or went to school with this young woman, she was just another drop in the humanitarian ocean that is the USA.

It is nearly unthinkable for me to imagine anything I agree with coming from the mouth of Joy Behar, but something she said this week about Petito is not only true, but very sad and very telling about the kind of society we have become.  Quoted on her TV show, The View, Behar said, “People are also calling the obsession over Petito’s case another example of Missing White Woman Syndrome. When people of color go missing, it’s barely covered by the media and mostly ignored by the public.”

Behar is right but with a caveat.  When anything is “barely covered by the media”, by definition it does not get out to the public, not ignored by the public, but simply not disclosed to them.  The media defines what gets blown up and what gets blown over.  Media mogul William Randolph Hearst famously said, “If it bleeds it leads”, not only a crass catch-phrase but true then and today.

It’s what doesn’t piss-off Behar and other Leftists that is most telling of their own biases.  Every day some 1800 people are reported missing according to the National Crime Information Center, (NCIC.)  Almost 700 of those every year are found dead.  That’s two nameless, faceless and forgotten people per day, on average.

But Behar, the race-baiting pimp that she is makes it racial in her criticism.  Two unpublicized and anonymous people a day, every day, gone, never mind their race, age or sex, still someone that others loved.  Behar doesn’t address this, just like she doesn’t care about or address the fact that every day, (if you want to go racial), black on black crime, shootings and homicides are decimating the black community.

If you’re still convinced there is no significant media bias in this country, fathom why the media is mute on the fact that on average, every day in the United States of America seven black men are shot and killed by other black men, this according to FBI Crime statistics from the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, (2016.)

Behar, her ilk, the pseudo-intellectually lazy-Left and their hand-maidens in the media squelch this reality because of the blood it splashes onto their rose-colored glasses.  The logical explanation for Gabby Petito becoming a media star only in her walk with death is the fact that the media cares more about pretty, upper-middle class white girls than they do about murdered minorities.  Before you’re too quick to blame the media exclusively, take a good look in the mirror and remember they play to a willing audience of the consumers of that product.


Shut It..

Here is a shout-out to all the asshole, social-justice, self-righteous, virtue signaling dip-shits posting crap about being vaccinated.  SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Your little emojes, your banners, please, gag me with your silver spoon.  ALERT:  No one gives a shit what you think.  Quit projecting your I’m-better-than-you-are bile onto others.  Who the fuck do you think you are, lecturing anyone about anything?  You don’t know DICK about pharmacology, virology, immunology, infectious diseases or anything else (with the possible exception of who might be the next American Idol,) so with that in mind do everyone a favor and sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.  Your opinion is of no useful intellectual value to others. 

Hundreds of Navy Seals are refusing the vaccine, along with 48,000 Marines, and tens of thousands of health care providers.  Are you vaccine robots all smarter than they are?

Social scientists tell us that most of you self-righteous pricks are also the pseudo-intellectual perverts that love abortion while despising the death penalty, (which demonstrates your depravity when it comes to irony,) so, again, do everyone a favor and just close your pie hole.  Do what you think is right for your pathetic self and leave the reasoning, the thinking, the rational thought to those of us who don’t have our heads jammed so far up our asses that we can’t see daylight.  #douche-nozzles, #good-little-soldiers.


The Greatest Generation

I recently attended a funeral for a friend’s father.  Gene Chrysler was 94 year of age when he passed; wife, children and grand-children by his side.  The hospice doctor and staff were amazed at the outpouring of love and care they saw from the family, never leaving his side until the end.  The hospice doctor commented that there was little need for their presence.

As I listened to the children and grand-children speak at the service, there was a reoccurring theme.


Each person spoke about the happiness and strength they found only in each other.  None believed they could have endured it alone, but truth is, all of them could have, given the strength and temerity they were bred with, but they didn’t have to because all of them were there for each other.

Through tears, they celebrated fond memories, milestones and tragedy past, all the time crediting each other and professing their collective faith in God.  One speaker said it best when he exclaimed how his faith was the only thing allowing him to move forward, and wondered aloud how the faithless face such adversity.

In that little Baptist church in Marathon, NY, family weddings, baptisms and funerals punctuated the normal Sunday services of several generations of a loving, tight-knit family that wanted little more than to raise their kids, work their farm, celebrate each others triumphs and victories while supporting themselves when sorrow and hardship visited.

Gene and Wanda, his loving wife of 70 years set forth a road-map for how to make a family by demonstrating every day how to do it.  Only their faith in God was stronger than their faith in each other.  When you live your life with that kind of clarity of purpose and with that intensity of a focused objective, those around you can’t help but notice.

It was clear by listening to the folks speaking about Gene just what kind of man he was even if you had never met him.  I had the good fortune to know him and his family for over 25-years and even though I knew all of the goodness, the graciousness, the quality of life reality they created, it was comforting to hear that his grand-children and his great-grand children will carry with them whatever was able to be transferred to them by word, deed and genetics.

Author and television news personality Tom Brokaw coined the term, “The Greatest Generation” in his book that told the stories of World-War II veterans.  Gene fought in that war as well as the Korean conflict and he was indeed one of the best of the best from that wonderful group of men that snatched freedom from the brink of fascism.  Rest in eternal peace my friend.  It was my honor to know you.  You set the bar very high, and hopefully within families all over this great country similar values will carry us onward on the backs of children forged into honorable men by warrior forefathers like you.


Coward in Command

Joe Biden is a coward and like most garden-variety milksops, he is a loud-mouthed bully that embellishes everything in order to concoct what he dreamed he could have been in order to mask that which he actually is.  Most indicative of this cowardess is the fact that Biden sacrificed human life in Afghanistan in order to meet a self-imposed deadline and to retain the ability to claim, on the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, that he had finished the job.  American’s lives, Afghani’s lives, billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment now being used to kill innocents under the color of our left-behind vehicles, aircraft, armaments, uniforms, helmets, rifles and ammunition, all in the name of preserving the ceremony of Biden being able to take a victory lap on 9-11.

A scheme that discards and dismisses human life today while making political points on the corpses of those 2,996 people who died on 9-11 as well as the almost a quarter of a million people who have died in Afghanistan since 2001 is a misdeed of such epic proportions that only God in heaven can judge.

And like most hapless bullies, Biden used the platform of his post-exit from Afghanistan speech to yell at and intimidate listeners and viewers as he doubled-down on his decision-making, even using the word “wisdom” in self-describing his own, well, wisdom.  Graduation from the U.S. War College is not a requirement to conclude that when winding down a war, you get the innocents out first, then you remove equipment, then you destroy whatever is left that could be used offensively, and then you get your troops out.

What has happened to the leadership of our military that this chain of events could possibly have happen?  Not one high-ranking General had the balls to fall on his sword to prevent this from happening?  Is this our new, “woke” military?  It took some Lieutenant Colonel on Facebook to tell the world what everyone knew to be true:  We were abandoning Americans and other friendlys’ in the name of optics and politics.

Biden yelling at the teleprompter in justifying his choices speaks to his own delusions, which are evident every day as this dazed old-man shuffles away from the podium, unable to answer questions.  What kind of a leader, let alone the most powerful man in the world says this to reporters before a news conference?

BIDEN: Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was (pause) Kelly O’Donnell of NBC.

Or again at another news conference Biden says: “I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions”

Or this troubling exchange.  BIDEN: I’m not — I’m not supposed to take any questions but go ahead.

REPORTER: Mr. President, on Afghanistan —

BIDEN: I’m not going to answer Afghanistan now. Okay.

REPORTER: — can you say if there’s still an acute risk?

BIDEN: Thank you.

Joe Biden is clearly suffering from cognitive decline.  Agree or disagree with Biden’s politics, he is without question, incapable of being the President.  Anyone who doubts this is either simply not paying attention, or is delusional to the observable truth.

Biden is a plagiarist, a liar, a principle-less adulterer and a pervert all easily verified by watching him steal a speech from Neil Kinnock, (fact) tell reporters about his law-school successes, ( multiple lies), how he had a well-documented affair with then-married-to-someone-else Jill Stevenson, (now his wife), and finally, well just scan the internet for the disturbing pictures of “Uncle Joe” sniffing hair and groping in ways that make normal people cringe.

 How could a man like this become the President of the United States?  Clearly the election was rigged.  Not by ballot stuffing, or secret-agent nefarious poll-watchers, or any of the ordinary and popular theories of street-level wrong-doing, but by technology experts armed with keyboards, passwords, programs and software patches.

Average American’s may have their moments when it comes to sound decision-making, (think Carter and Obama), but no honest assessment of what seemingly magically happened on election night passes the simple smell test.  Trump winning at 9PM on election night and Biden running the table in the wee hours of the morning with no news coverage?  Almost 82 million votes, literally overnight?  Take a whiff of that.

But now that we’re stuck with him, the question becomes, how did this happen, how do we ferret-out the bad actors, how do we assure American’s of the fairness of the voting process and most importantly, who is behind all of this?  Who engineered this and who is calling the shots?  Clearly Biden and Harris are at most useful idiots without a scant chance of hatching such a scheme, but simply place-holders, too dumb, and necessarily completely principle-less, in order to take orders, but from whom?

This is really the 6-trillion dollar question and until and unless we find this out, nothing else we do will really matter.