Tipping Point

Firearms owners have been shamed and ostracized forever for claiming that society is fragile and that a single event could create a situation that warranted immediate self-defense in the absence of police protection and normal civil authority.  Those of us old enough to remember the Rodney King trial in Los Angeles in 1992 and the resulting riots, looting and city blocks of arson fires know better by way of history and observation.  A famous photo from that time shows several Korean men on the rooftop of their building armed with rifles and shotguns, which kept arsons from destroying their property.

I’ve attached a link to a YouTube video of a news reporter broadcasting about that event during that time:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRc_FlmW2Jc  The armed men at that store were the only thing that prevented it from being burnt to the ground.  The police had already fled the area and had essentially handed south-central LA over to the criminals.

At the same time the Koreans were defending their property, then California Governor Pete Wilson was issuing orders that prohibited everyone from purchasing a firearm of any kind.  That’s right, in the middle of a regional wide riot, complete with looting, arson, mayhem and murder; otherwise lawful citizens were denied their right to firearms on the one hand, while the police on the other, were leaving them defenseless.  During those riots, nearly 2400 people were hurt and 63 we killed.

As King Cuomo of New York gets drunker and drunker with his new-found Corona-Virus power, it is likely he will do something so far over-the-top as to finally infuriate patriots to action.  Cuomo will undoubtedly impose draconian travel restrictions or even use the State Police and or the National Guard to martial civilian compliance.  It would not surprise me that martial law may be in his dictatorial playbook.

Does gun confiscation seem so far-fetched now?  Will we ever again have to use our imaginations to conjure up scenarios that we think might lead to governmental sequestration of our rights?  You see, it’s all for our own good, don’t you know.  It is out of a sense of benevolence and supreme wisdom and understanding, that those in government wield their power and authority over us, those poor minions who fail to see or understand the bigger picture that is so crystal clear to the brave and enlightened, but so oblivious to the peasants they are trying so valiantly to serve and protect.

It begins with a request, keep your distance, stay home, don’t travel.  Then they close businesses, limit staffing, impose curfews, even compel private industry into national service.  All for our own good, right?

A cautionary warning to Cuomo and his sycophants.  You’re fiddling close to a quagmire the likes of which may prove too powerful for your own escape.



Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the rights of individuals not groups.  The only actual group the founders envisioned was “we the people”, a collection of unique individuals.  Natural rights, human rights and constitutional rights are possessed by each of us as people.  The concept of groups created from a mass of individuals in order to coalesce a monolith upon which to bestow rights is anathema to our founding.

Exchanging the uniqueness of people for the sameness of the group is the key to controlling people completely.  Group-think overwhelms personalities and the homogenation of each soul becomes the elixir of the elite seeking to control them.

Governor Cuomo divides the state into “zones”, color-codes them according to the infection rate of Covid, and then commands residents to perform in a certain way, i.e. wear a mask, stay at home, observe a curfew, limit activity in your own home.  This is nothing more than fabricating groups to nullify the rights of the individual.  That is called tyranny. 


Post Election Thoughts, (as opposed to feelings…)

As I predicted, Biden has won, but has he?

It appears that PA is in doubt after Supreme Court Justice Alito has stepped in, demanding the sequestering of certain ballots received after Election Day deadlines.  A few other states face similar legal challenges and remember; Biden currently claims 290 electoral votes.  PA equals 20 of those votes and if by some small miracle the legal challenges made hold up, Biden losing 20 electoral votes in PA alone would put him at 270, which is the magic number.  Any other hiccups in any of the other states could cost Biden even more and the outcome could switch.

This is unlikely, considering the corruption, graft and malfeasance rampant throughout the US political systems, but it is however a glimmer of hope in what right now appears to be a bleak outcome for conservatives.

On the bright side, it appears that when you give rioters, looters, anarchists and arsons what they want, they stop rioting, looting, law-breaking and fire-bombing long enough to sing Kumbaya.  Had Trump won, you could see the smoke plumes from outer space.


God Help Us

OK, we’ve all heard the ads, speeches, arguments, rebuttals, opinions, excuses, attacks and we’ve just about had enough.  Tuesday is that pivotal moment, that one day where our vote takes center stage as the rhetoric fades into an eerie quiet.  Left alone for a moment in our own thoughts, the one thing you seldom hear in the build-up to the election is the role God plays.  Both candidates invoke God in their agendas, one directly, the other by implication, Trump referencing God by name and the Biden campaign speaking about the soul of America.

In this election season, one which most American’s consider to be the most important presidential selection in our lifetimes, it might be valuable if we could take this single opportunity to pray together, left and right, Republican and Democrat, liberal and conservative, and find, just for that fleeting moment, something we can agree upon, solemnly and sincerely, as we face down our future together.  Let’s try this as we honor our singular God together, even when we might quarrel and disagree about the worldly, let’s set that aside just for a few moments and join together in this prayer.

Dearest Father in Heaven, please hear our prayer.

Father, today we pray for your guidance, your protection, and your wisdom, as we navigate through the troubled times facing us.  Father, we confess our sins and proclaim to you that we are your humble children, seeking your forgiveness and your blessing, as we decide what kind of nation we are to be.  Dearest Savior, I trust that You will not allow our nation to lose our focus, our Godliness, our divine attachment to you and the Father.  Dear Lord, we believe in American Exceptionalism only because of the grace you have shown on this great nation since its founding.  We as people Lord are not exceptional, but collectively and with Your blessings and guidance, You have made us an exceptional nation when we band together.  You alone God are indeed the true example of exceptional, and it is with humility and grace we accept the responsibility you trust in us, as a nation, to uphold the ideals and principles You forge within us, in order to protect and honor the responsibilities of maintaining our nation under God.  We exist on your Earth in order to advance Your will.  Please Father, bestow upon us You glory, your righteousness and Your will, on Earth indeed as it is in Heaven.

Dearest Father, we acknowledge, that You will see us through our storms, and that You will protect us and insure our future, as you may judge us to be deserved of that protection through the goodness of our dreams, our desires and our aspirations, in keeping with Your Word.

God in heaven, we look to You and repeat the words you told us when you told us to; Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your understanding.  In all ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.