Mobs = Morons

Leaders in the media are artful in crafting one line narratives that dumb down much more nuanced and complicated situations.  They also use the opportunity to foment and rankle as many of the “low information” population as they can.  This is just a fancy way of saying they try and upset the morons around us who believe whatever they are told on TV.  Such is the situation in Ferguson, Missouri regarding the death of felon thug, Michael Brown.

“Unarmed black teenager” yes, brute, violent felon, trying to take a cops gun, also yes but the media shines their light on wherever they can sell the most advertising and get the highest ratings.  Their jobs have little or nothing to do with real journalism or finding the truth.

“Unarmed, black teenager” is all that resonates in the moron’s ears as they don’t even stop to comprehend a grand jury’s months of examination, testimony and evidence that lead to the correction conclusion that Michael Brown deserved to die that day because he was attempting to take the life of a police officer.  The proper reaction to this should be good bye and good riddance violent street thug.  At least now, this vermin will harm no one else.

Instead, the idiots protesting use this as an excuse to raise hell and commit crimes.  This is because they are morons to begin with and then whipped into a frenzy by a gleeful media who can then take their pictures and make money selling what has now come to be “the news”, all custom made by the media for their own enrichment.

Michael Brown is dead and rightfully so.  Officer Darren Wilson should have been cited for bravery and then perhaps the murderous animal that assassinated two New York City police officers wouldn’t have been so emboldened by a media narrative that encourages and benefits from the chaos they themselves help to create.