Explain This Please…….

It is a fact that black Americans represent 12.6% of the US population. It is also a fact that black males represent approximately 55% of those in US prisons.

Race-baiters lecture us by stating that this disproportionality results from a discriminatory justice system, not because black men really commit more crimes.

It is also factual that black males represent 78% of the NBA and 65% of the NFL. How do the race baiters explain this?

How do those who make their livelihood fueling the race war explain why a country would on the one hand discriminate so aggressively against blacks in the criminal justice system while at the same time finding them statistically over-represented in the world of professional sports?

Wouldn’t a racist nation covet the fame and fortune of professional sports for themselves over those whom they supposedly despise? Would that same racist nation elect a black president?


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