Taking Sterlings Silver

Donald Sterling is the wealthy, white, 81 year-old billionaire owner of the LA Clippers NBA basketball team. Sterling has been married for over 50 years to the same white woman, but reportedly he has also had a mixed race girlfriend for the past few years. In what appears to be a lover’s quarrel, the girlfriend tape recorded Sterling saying he was troubled by her appearing with blacks in public. Apparently the little love tryst has gone south so Sterling is suing the girlfriend, attempting to reclaim a $1.8 million house he provided, plus several luxury cars and lots of cash. Turning over damning audio tapes to TMZ appears to have been the girlfriend’s revenge.

As a result of all this, as of the moment of this writing, Sterling has been fined $2.5 million by the NBA and has had a lifetime ban placed upon him for associating with his own team or the NBA in general. Team sponsors are bailing by the minute, so far costing the team likely in the tens of millions of dollars in income. He will probably be forced into selling the team at a fire sale price far below that which Forbes magazine recently valued at $575 million.

Sterling told his girlfriend that he didn’t like seeing her in public with blacks, but that he was OK with her doing whatever else with them in private, up to and including sleeping with them, (his words.) Sterling has twice been honored and recognized with significant awards from the LA NAACP, the latest being quickly and hastily recalled. Sterling surrounds himself with blacks; that is, most of his players and the coach of his team as well.

So, Sterling will endure a financial hit of perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars and likely be forced into selling his business because he told his girlfriend he didn’t like seeing her in public with blacks.

Let compare and contrast this with rap, rap artists, the rap culture and NBA players.

Rap artists routinely mix misogamy, murder, mayhem on the police and the encouragement of assaulting women while glamorizing gang-life and throwing the N word off on almost every lyric. They do this in exchange for millions of dollars. The NBA itself is no stranger to gang affiliation. At least eight players or former players are gang members. Many throw gang signs out to the crowd during games. Dozens have been arrested for anything and everything from murder to rape, robbery and assaults.

While happily taking Mr. Sterling’s millions in exchange for playing basketball, players are cranking up the sounds of those rap artists in their cars, homes and locker rooms, filling the air with the N word and every vile, disgusting and hateful form of speech quite imaginable to a fellow thug but completely revolting to the rest of us.

Now this group falls all over each other to express their outrage about Sterling when they should be filled with justifiable and warranted self-loathing, not only for their hypocrisy, but for their own personal choices in life and failures as role models.


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