Wedding Cake and Eat it Too………..

Professional football player Ray Rice was arrested for assaulting his fiancé.  The judicial system processed and adjudicated Rice’s case and he was punished accordingly.  On what legal basis does the National Football League, (NFL), act in further punishing Rice?

How is it that the NFL has justification or authority to extend and increase the punishment that the legal system has already metered out?  Since when are employers extensions of our legal system in deciding crime and punishment?

By initially suspending Rice for two games and then reacting to public sentiment by changing that decision to an indefinite suspension, the NFL arbitrarily deciding to heap punishment on top of punishment, clearly at the whim of public pressure and the anticipated politically correct backlash.

If this same incident involved another man instead of a woman, none of this reaction by the NFL would be happening.  If another man spit in Rice’s face, (as is alleged in the case involving the woman), many would view the ensuing assault as just desserts yet many in the shrill, modern feminine movement lecture us about the equality of men and women; equal only apparently until that first punch is thrown and then, instantly those same screaming-for-equal-rights feminists run for cover and without a hint of irony, seek the comforts and confines of the traditional mantra of never-hit-a-woman.

 Can’t have it all ways girls.

 Not many right minded men would spit in the face of a 206 pound professional football player, but apparently his girlfriend felt empowered by the feminine movement to try her luck at it.  By their own standards of supposed equality, they should have seen it coming.


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