Exposing Today’s American Tyrants



An article entitled “End the Gun Epidemic in America” marks the first time since 1920 that the New York Times has published an editorial on that newspapers front page.  Because the “Old Grey Lady” is undeniably the pinnacle of liberal thought in America, this attack illustrates the left’s number one agenda and worst fear; their out-and-out hatred for guns and the contemptible distain of those who own them.


Representing the worst in emotionally driven pabulum and lacking any reason, this hit piece of lies depends solely on the readers emotions and over-active tear ducts to flood out all rationale and thoughtfulness that an otherwise reasoned analysis would produce.


Instead of blaming the perpetrators of murder and mayhem, the authors indict politicians and the firearms industry, totally failing to condemn those who pull the trigger.

Claiming “the unfettered spread of even more powerful firearms” is a patently false statement in two ways, first, more than 20,000 laws and regulations govern the sales of firearms considering local, county, state and federal authorities, not quite an “unfettered” process.  Second, the notion that firearms are becoming “more powerful” is drivel.  Rifle cartridges capable of striking targets hundreds of yards away have been available for more than 100 years.  Civil War “sharp-shooters” hit six-inch target at 200 yards.  Would deadly, but less powerful projectiles really quell the left’s objections?


This disgraceful smear piece claims that firearms are, “designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency”, marketed for “macho vigilantism and even insurrection.”


If only a solitary schoolteacher at Sandy Hook elementary had been armed with such a tool, if only a parishioner at the Charleston, NC church shooting had been so equipped, ditto for the victims in San Bernardino, but the left never sees the world as it is, they see it for what they wish it was, idyllic.  According to this article, as a firearms owner, you’re a vigilante plotting insurrection, the old tactic of derision, division and marginalization, an outrageous slander beyond the pale and designed as a form of censorship by vilifying objection.


God forbid that the United States of American ever be significantly threatened by the likes of the anonymous writers of this New York Times editorial, because then the charge of insurrection will come true, signaling the time to hit the reset button on this more perfect Union.  As Thomas Jefferson said, and it is truer today than yesterday, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood patriots and tyrants.”


If the New York Times editors were emperors, they would repel the second Amendment and confiscate all civilian firearms.  Had they the courage to at least admit that, I would abhor but respect them, however, being cowards of the first order, they fuss about the edges of emotionally charged events of unjust killings, spreading fear instead of standing up and admitting their true agenda.  For that form of sniveling cowardice, I simply despise them as the modern day tyrants they are.


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