Reality Check

Today’s world consists of some 196 countries with 7.4 billion citizens.  Approximately 50 countries are predominantly Muslim, with over 1.6 billion adherents spread mainly from the top half of Africa and all of the Middle East to Turkey and most of Indonesia.


Christianity boasts some 2.4 billion followers spread throughout 126 countries including all of North and South America, Australia, the southern portions of Africa, most of Western Europe and portions of Northern Asia.


The history of the Christian world centers around faith in God, with the Bible as its holy book, and the teachings of Jesus Christ through which salvation, the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting are possible.  Jesus was the immaculately born Son of God who lived as an unmarried man for 32 years on the Earth.  He was crucified, was raised from the dead, and sanctified man’s sins with His sacrificial death and return.


The Muslim world is centered on a prophet named Muhammad who was born in 570AD.  He had 13 wives, one of which was reportedly 9 years of age, (Aisha.)  The religions holy book is the Quran, reportedly written by Muhammad himself and is reputed to be a literal transcription of Allah’s, (God’s) words.


The Bible is a compilation of 66 books authored by approximately 40 God-inspired writers spread over 1500 years.  The Old Testament books were all written before the birth of Jesus and the New Testament after His birth.


There are five tenets of faith in Islam, one being to pledge themselves to their faith and this is the point at which we see our cultures clashing.


Christians and Muslims see their faith much differently when it comes to everyday living.  The western norm of freedom of religion is not possible in the Muslim world.   It is impossible to separate the teachings of the Quran, the duty of the Muslims life and the legal system under Islam.  To be a proper Muslim, these things are not operable unless connected.  In the western world, matters of faith, religious practice, or even disbelief is left to the individual to determine personally.  In the Muslim world, you’re either a believer or an apostate.  Muslim societal norms dictate that women are subservient and submissive to men.  That punishments for many crimes are dire even life ending, without judicial review in any way compatible with western norms.


To be a proper Muslim, as defined by their own holy book, it is impossible to assimilate into the United States, or any western culture.  The base tenets of Islam directly and obtusely conflict with western values, laws and societal norms.  The goal of Islam is the domination of the world and you’re either an adherent or an apostate.  Any devote, practicing Muslim coming to the western world is doing so on a mission to convert that world to Islam, certainly not to assimilate because our cultures cannot co-exist when our values are so different.




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