BLM-1960s = BLM-2016

When I first heard of the organization “Black Lives Matter.”, (BLM), it seemed like a truism.  Why would anyone challenge that?  Does that really need to be stated?  The name itself sounds like a lecture.  I’m insulted that BLM thinks it necessary to remind folks that they matter.  The statement is no different that “white lives matter”, or “tan lives matter”, or “fetuses lives matter”, all true, fill in the blank….  It certainly smacks of racism, singling out only black lives mattering, a message apparently targeting white people.  It assumes the need for validation yet the facts are not there.


The black community itself needs to be convinced that their own lives matter,  considering the following disturbing facts.


  1. Black abortion rates are 4 times higher than that of whites.
  2. Black on black murder in only 2 years exceeded by 1400 the total number of lynchings from 1882 until the 1960’s.
  3. Black’s are 13% of the population yet commit over half of all murders.
  4. Blacks commit a disproportional level of crimes, putting their lives at risk.
  5. In a single 4-year span, black-on-black murder resulted in 4472 dead while in the same period police killings of blacks was 112.


When lecturing about black lives mattering, begin in the black community that seems suicidal by these statistics.


The BLM website states two primary goals, “working for the validity of black life.” and  …”working to rebuild the black liberation movement.”


I was stunned by the perceived need to validate black life.  I never thought of any life as being invalid.  It staggered me to learn that the leadership of this organization feels that black life is somehow invalid, the accusation of a collective inferiority complex.  I hope this does not represent the black community as a whole.


Rebuilding the black liberation movement goal had a familiar ring from the past.  With a little historical digging, it is clear that today’s Black Liberation Movement has its roots in the Black Worker Congress and the Black Panther Party of the 1960’s and 70’s.  These groups had a love for socialism and a hatred for what they deemed as inherently racist capitalism.


BLM is nothing more than a 60’s re-hash, brought back to life as a result of the Trevon Martin case in Florida and the Michael Brown death in Missouri.  Never mind that in both cases it was established that these were justifiable homicides, BLM shamelessly uses them anyway as proof of police misconduct, dismissive of the legal system unless it provides the outcomes they want.


The truth is that the BLM foundation is falsely built on the graves of two martyred felons and both occasions gave fellow thugs license to loot, destroy property and commit arson, all in the name of “validation.”


If black lives actually matter to the black community, they ought to start acting as if they believe that themselves before lecturing the majority of people that never thought otherwise.


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