NY Politics

New York State governor Andrew Cuomo had the temerity to complain to interviewer Mike Lupica when labeled a “politician.”  Cuomo proclaimed that neither he nor his father, Mario Cuomo, former 3-term New York governor were politicians.


Cuomo is apparently even more delusional than I thought.


The father/son Team Cuomo combined resume looks like this:


Eighteen years as Governor of New York.  Four years as  Lieutenant Governor of New York.  Four years as New York State Secretary of State.  Four years as Attorney General of New York.  Five years as the US head of Housing and Urban Development.


Not a single professional moment spent outside of the political world yet a self-proclaimed pair of non-politicians?


This delusional dictator thinks he can sell us anything.


He’s not only a politician, but a corrupt one.  His closest ally, Joseph Percoco is under indictment and his pet project, the Buffalo Billion is fraught with allegations of fraud, bid-rigging and malfeasance.


Cuomo is a fraud, a sneak and a thief, ramming through dubious legislation in the middle of the night to avoid public scrutiny.  He is not only a politician, but a stinking, rotten version of one as well.  Wear it proudly Andy.




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