Liberty From Responsibility

As today’s boys grow towards manhood, neo-feminists are attempting to derail the forces of Mother Nature to suite their own agendas.  It has been described as the “Chickification” of America by one conservative pundit while others use terms like “metrosexual” or the more old-fashioned, and my personal favorite descriptor, garden variety pantie-wastes.  Call it what you like, the point is that American men are being cowed, (pun intented) into trading in their testicles for an over-the-shoulder man-bag and marching orders from women who are attempting to exchange their estrogen for testosterone.

The forces of Political Correctness, (PC), and the constant indoctrination of gender-neutral or even gender-hostile propaganda aimed at delegitimizing masculinity is threatening the natural maturation of today’s young men.

Take for example a TV ad running today featuring car insurance coverage for Liberty Mutual.  The ad shows a mom and her teenage son standing, facing the camera.  Mom has her arm around the boy, who appears perfectly healthy and is a few inches taller than her.  She describes how relieved she is to know that the insurance company will pay for roadside services in the event her little snowflake should have a flat tire.  The son never says a word, nervously and shyly fiddles with his hands looking sheepishly downward, and slightly squirms as his mommy glorifies the insurance company for keeping her little pumpkin safe.


The ad then shifts to another scene, showing two young boys alongside a disabled car, the one boy on the phone with his dad, attempting to get instructions on how to fix a flat tire, only to learn that his insurance does not cover such incidents.  The ad ends with the boy on the phone indignantly insisting he knows what a lug wrench is, but clearly demonstrating that he really has no clue.  Even the two boys together cannot figure out how to change a flat tire.

Great job mom, dad, congratulations, you have successfully raised overly dependent, overly entitled, dainty and incapable excuses for young men.  In addition, a special thanks to Liberty Mutual for justifying this crazy entitlement, raising the rates of every other policyholder because a few of these modern pantie-wastes can’t figure out how to change a tire.

These were I’m sure, the same kids who grew up played games without keeping score and watched Inconvenient Truth in science class as if it was incontrovertible truth, sold as “settled science” and consequently ineligible for further debate.

Author Johnnie Dent Jr. reminds us that, “As parents we have a tendency to overprotect; it’s okay to try and show them all positives but we cannot forget that the real world has teeth.”  Those “teeth” are best shown and dealt with in adolescence, when the stakes are lower than in the adult world and the lessons of the harsher side of life are more controlled and formative of instruction by example when you have to negotiate with the unreasonable, fight or flee, and determine, in your own mind, what kind of a man you will eventually become.  Mom and Liberty Mutual can’t help you with that.

Author Pam Leo tells us, “Let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhood.”  I would ad that we should raise children who actually leave their childhood.

Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower reminds us that, “We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security.”  Allowing the controlled harshness of real life to fall upon our children is the sort of “tough love” act that many of today’s parents reject as unsuitable in their modern version of the world.  These parents see their roles as “friends” to their children, and will do nothing to interfere with that friendship.  That outlook is a huge mistake.  Your willingness to allow your kids to fend a bit for themselves is your obligation.  Having raised two children into adulthood, I can tell you that both can ward off bullies, out perform most of their contemporaries in the work force, and without question, change a flat tire.  When one of them spots one of your snowflakes stranded on the side of the highway, it is likely they might stop and lend a hand.

TireChange  You’re welcome.


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