Harvey, Harvey, Harvey

Conservative pundits that enjoy a national audience have got this whole Harvey Weinstein story wrong.

First, one will never win any argument or change anyone’s opinion by simply pointing our hypocrisy.  You don’t change minds while simultaneously criticizing and condemning people.

Second, Weinstein is a bellwether in the hedonistic world that is Hollywood.  Why would this kind of behavior come as a surprise?  Does anyone really believe that the smut, filth, garbage and evil that bubbles out of the film and entertainment industry does so under the leadership of noble and virtuous people?  My dad used to say, “If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”  In order to become rich and famous, the so-called “victims” in this case knowingly flirt with this evil, contemptuous caldron of deviant devils that make or break careers.  There are no victims here, just slimy opportunists and

high-risk wannabes willing to sacrifice their souls for celebrity, their dignity for dollars and their honor for vanity.


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