Trumps Gift

One of the things that make the United States a glorious country is that no artificial restrictions are placed on the abilities of anyone to attain anything they aspire towards.  Many cultures prevent achievement through a caste system or other social barriers, (classes), that make upward mobility impossible.  In this country we have no “classes” with one hideous exception, that being the “ruling class”.

Love him or hate him, President Trump has proven that any meddling in the status quo of the ruling elite will not be tolerated.  When it comes to a lust for power, there is no difference between parties or people.  Behind closed doors, politicians collude amongst themselves to keep their positions, their power and their fortunes.  When members of both political parties demonstrate equally ample quantities of hate and animus towards this political neophyte Donald Trump, it indicates to me that the President is really on to something.

There were always the indicators of a fix in the system, yet most voters either held their nose and voted for the lesser of evils, or begrudgingly supported candidates who seemed fine, only once in office to be swallowed alive in the swamp.  Broken promises and government gone crazy finally awakened angry voters.  Trump’s mere presence in this corrupt system has unmasked the panic of the power brokers once their fiefdoms were threatened.  Trump voters were right in their suspicions, just look at the reactions of the ruling class as they lose control.

The founding principles of this nation; self-governance and co-equal branches are similar to an orchestra.  The strings, horns and woodwinds blend and compliment one another, each ebbing and then flowing into and out of prominence, depending on the percussion to set the tempo and finally the conductor to manage it all.  Trump marches to his own drummer and this leaves the traditional power-players performing out-of-tune with no predictable beat to follow.

With typical Senate campaigns costing upwards of 30 million dollars, those who underwrite that expense do so to see a return on investment.  That means control over the candidate in exchange for the seat in office.  When this system was bypassed by Trump, it took away that influence.  Whatever you think of the President, thank him for unmasking the scoundrels and proving that those in the ruling class put their own interests in front of their constituents.  Although “follow the money is a long-used cliché, it is nevertheless a truism.  When Trump owes no one anything, he is free to be his own man.

Add to this the direct link to people via Twitter and his unwavering goal of dismantling the regulatory state and rebuilding a judiciary that respects precedent and law without legislating from the bench and you have at least a start in the right direction for the people finally awakening to the reality that for far too long we have failed to pay attention and government has morphed into a beast from the swamp.

Let the drainage continue.


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