When reason, thoughtfulness and logic collide with emotion, fear and hysteria, predictably bedlam ensues.  Such are the circumstances that define the sides of conservatism in the first instance, and liberalism in the second.  Reason-based persuasion is a strange foreign language to the emotional mind.

Conservative thought follows a logical path based on the premise that suggests a method, a strategy, or a plan for accomplishing some stated goal or objective.  Liberalism begins with a feeling, a reaction, emotion, and only after starting with that does it consider the thought on whether or not it is even possible to accomplish the goal.  Conservatism discounts the emotional over the rational.  Liberalism insists upon emotional energy even when doing so isn’t logical.  Therefore, it follows that liberals and conservatives find themselves at loggerheads more often than not, simply because they are approaching solutions from such divergent starting points.  To a liberal, conservative thought seems cold, detached, even devoid of emotion.  Conservatives say that even if an idea or solution captures our emotions, it still needs to be possible, or at least practical in the real world of what can actually be.

A perfect example of this is embodied in the office of the President of the United States, via Donald Trump.  The levels of animus are amped up above the ozone when it comes to the conservative/liberal schism.

Donald Trump is wired in a way unlike any other politician in modern history.  While embracing generally conservative theory combined with pragmatism in the absence of political consequence or possible retribution, (because he has no political debts), he also has managed to erupt in emotional ways, hardly a hallmark of your typical Conservative.   This display of emotional outburst, whether it be in a speech or in a Tweet, completely befuddles liberals because they have come to believe that this level of feelings-driven reaction is their exclusive property.  To see a conservative, much less a hated, successful conservative use their own emotion-based tricks against them just pisses them off beyond measure.

Donald Trump has mastered the emotional component of persuasiveness in a way that still allows for conservative thought, preserves and enhances his appeal to the reactionary, edge-elements of his supporters, all while simultaneously enraging his opponents by forcing their reactions to surface for all to see.

It is said that you anger conservatives when you lie to them, while liberals become angry when you tell them the truth.  This Trump inspired era brings us to the intersection of what is possible versus the folly of utopian-based idealism.

Reason and thoughtfulness logically lead to conservatism because the process itself uncovers the realities of what is possible versus what we wish for.  This forces sober reflection about realistic and achievable goals.  Emotion and hysteria gloss over reality in order to envision a utopian idealism best left to the sleepy dreamer.  While these thoughts and the goals may well be noble of origin, reality cannot be ignored in the unrealistic hope that somehow, someway, nobility itself will magically redefine reality.

The path plotted by conservative thought is almost always harder than the way of the idyllic wanderer.  It is the path that insists upon existing in the world of what is as opposed to the world for which some wish.  Accordingly, it is the path most resisted, even when it is right because it is harder and demands more of us as reasoned, thinking people.


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