A National Embarrassment

During the State of the Union address this last week, the camera panned into a view of California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, verifying the adage that a picture is worth a thousands words.  For those millions of viewers who were watching last Tuesday and saw Mrs. Pelosi, let me predict, with 99% accuracy what we all collectively screamed at that moment to our respective televisions.


Remember the chants of USA-USA-USA?  Had we all simultaneously muted our TV’s and just slightly opened a window, this is what you would have heard, loud and clear from coast to coast when Pelosi’s scowling face appeared.  No need for a thousand words, only three:  (I’ll give you the beginning letters of each word, you figure it out), chanted just like the USA-USA-USA moment only YFC – YFC – YFC



That’s right, I said it………..  You Failed California…………………………


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