Godless Albany

The passing of the Reverend Billy Graham recently serves to exemplify by example the height of an ethical and honorable man.  Juxtaposing this are the immoral aliens that occupy today’s political moonscape in New York State.

Former NYS Senator George Maziarz recently pled guilty to a corruption charge because he spirited away $100,000.00 in campaign donations to pay off a former aid accused of sexual harassment.  Add Maziarz to the list of more than 40 elected NYS officials that in recent times have been caught up in criminal, dishonest and sometimes disgusting behavior, from the former Governor Spitzer on down the line.

Today, we await the jury verdict in the Joseph Percoco case, a Governor Cuomo confidant and Albany insider extraordinaire, accused of bribery.  Syracuse.com reports: “…, the late Gov. Mario Cuomo was known to describe Percoco as a third son. The younger Cuomo joked Percoco was the son his father loved best. And Percoco joked Andrew Cuomo was the bigger brother he never had…”  Yet our esteemed, untarnished Governor wants the public to believe that he knows nothing whatsoever of the untoward dealings of brother Percoco.

That level of ignorance would make the Governor either incompetent or a bald-faced liar and no one, even Cuomo’s detractors see him as incompetent.


By comparison, Graham was known as “America’s Preacher”, having ministered to every US President since Harry Truman.  Graham personally spoke to over 210 million people in more than 185 countries during his years evangelizing.  No one in the history of the world has spoken directly to more people about the gospel than Billy Graham.  He was a man of honor, character and dignity because he was a man of God.  Graham was married to the same woman for 64 years and enjoys a history free of misdeeds.  A testament to the importance of this man to the very character of the United States is the fact that Graham’s casket sat in the rotunda of the US Capitol in memoriam of his service to our country.


While Graham sets a very high bar for us all, Albany has seemingly vetoed the bar out of existence.

The old cliché says, “You can’t legislate morality”, which is true.  Instead, we attempt to influence behaviors by legislating negative consequences when immoral, unethical and illegal activities occur.  Increasing the severity of punishments for the illegal acts of public officials attacks the problem after it takes place and does little to nothing to insure higher standards of performance and expectations.  One could argue that the need to ratchet up sanctions indicates a worsening of the problem.

Our ordinary compass detects direction from the gravity of the earth.  The only way a moral compass provides righteousness in the hearts of men is in concert with a belief, a trust and a relationship with God.  Legislation is not the answer, the Almighty is.  As Tocqueville reminded us in 1835, “Liberty depends on morality. Morality depends upon faith. Faith depends upon God.”

Albany exemplifies governance by the godless.


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