The Wall

The Wall represents today’s single most divisive topic in America.  No longer synonymous with one of the greatest record albums of all times, The Wall today trades in yesterdays Pink Floyd for tomorrows Donald Trump.

Clearly a corner stone, (wall-reference), of Trump’s successful presidential campaign, building The Wall was a promise certain that loudly and clearly resonated with the Trump faithful. Why would a secure border insult, anger or alienate anyone, regardless of his or her feelings about Trump?  The only explanation I can conceive is that those opposed to a wall must be advocates of an open-border.  Why else would you oppose something that by definition defines and outlines the country?  Ronald Reagan said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

Even the pope got involved with our Wall business stating that building a southern US border wall was “not Christian.”  That is hilarious when you see what surrounds the place where the Pope lives, The Vatican.


Not only do all nations have a right to sovereignty, the governments of those nations have the obligation to preserve and protect that sovereignty by defining their nation with sure and secure borders. To do otherwise is to fail citizens in the most fundamental way: in protecting their safety.

Advocates for open-borders, sanctuary cities, amnesty for illegal aliens and those opposed to border walls are not only completely contradictory to the rule-of-law, but are encouraging anarchy and sedition. Ala carte legal compliance is no law at all and anarchists committing acts of sedition are enemies of this nation.

“Doors have locks, citizens have guns, and countries have borders.” Tomi Lahren


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