A Nation of Laws?

Every country in south and Central America has either a US embassy or a consulate.  Asylum seekers from those places could LAWFULLY make their applications BEORE willfully endangering their children in long, arduous treks to ILLEGALLY invade our country.  In an honest debate about this issue, we need to ask, WHY?

Unfortunately, the answer is that past practices have applied a “Catch & Release” policy that allowed these illegal aliens to stay in this country awaiting hearings. Quite predictably, almost none of these “Catch & Release” folks ever show for the hearing and simply disappear into our country. This is why the Constitutional concept of Due Process is being actively debated so to change that standard to not be applicable to illegal aliens.

There are 7 countries in Central America and 12 in South America.  With the exception of one, (Brazil), the predominate language is Spanish and the cultures, while not identical, are certainly closer in kind to one another than they are to US cultural norms.  Why are these asylum seekers not considering refuge in any one of these other countries?  They would be closer to home, share the same language, assimilate easier, and spare themselves and their children the dangers of long, difficult travel.  In an honest debate about this issue, we need to ask, WHY?

It would appear that the 19 countries most geographically and culturally appropriate to provide asylum and immigration are unwilling to do so. Why does that become the problem for the USA, the country furthest from the problem?

And finally, why aren’t the citizens of countries that are apparently falling apart, taking action?  What about a citizens revolt and take back their country instead of running away? The USA has stood up to every world threat in modern times. When the British attempted to put its thumb on the colonies, our forefathers didn’t seek asylum, we went to war in order to defend our country, fighting and dying in the process.



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