The Looney Left




Mr. Knight:

Your recent guest viewpoint article made me laugh out loud.  You begin by describing what you see as qualities and qualifications for being the President, unintentionally described Donald J. Trump perfectly!  After all he is a successful businessman, a non-lawyer and is giving back to the country by making it great once again, (also doing this without taking a salary.)  You can’t argue with a roaring economy, near zero unemployment, a record-setting stock market and a strong and ready military, so instead, you take the usual liberal low road and make it all emotionally based, facts be damned.

You go on to state that no laws have to be broken in order to bring impeachment charges, accusing naysayers as wrong, dumb as hell or liars.  Mr. Knight, you have hit the trifecta of intellectual inadequacy by demonstrating to the reader that you are indeed all three of these things.  Do you not read your own words sir?  Impeachment requires “Treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”  Treason is a crime, (punishable by death,) bribery is a crime; “other high crimes” are obviously Mr. Knight “crimes”, and finally misdemeanors, which again are crimes.  That’s it, there is no other basis or rationale for impeachment so, yes indeed, a crime is REQUIRED by the words in the Constitution.  You are obviously a Trump hater, so you cling to impeachment as a way to disenfranchise the voters.  If you’re so right about Trump, and your self-righteousness is indeed shared by the majority of voters, then his re-election should be impossible.  Why not let the voters decide his fate instead of people like yourself that can’t even manage a clear understanding of the simple language in our Constitution?

I’ll tell you why Mr. Knight, because you’re a small-mined partisan hack driven by a hatful vitriol that has clouded what little intellect you started with.  I state this in stronger than usual terms only because your hateful rhetoric so set the tone, so if you want to dish out that sort of simple-minded, insult based garbage, expect it back in your face.

No Mr. Knight, you distrust your fellow voters and you’re reading the tea leaves, scared to death that Trump will be re-elected.  Well, I think you’re right, he will be re-elected, thanks to partisan, low intellect verbal vomit spewers like yourself that bare their hatefulness to the world and in doing so convince all of us that the crazy leftist people of this country can’t be trusted to govern and really hate America and her ideals.

Trump will continue his quest to make America great once again and you Mr. Knight, will be along for the ride, inadvertently serving the very purpose you so despise by your crazy rhetoric.  Thank you for that.



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