Greenville, Mississippi

The letter below is in reaction to the police action that took place in a church parking lot. Parishioners were in their own cars, windows up, and the pastor was preaching from the church steps. You must speak up when tyrants attack…

Chief Wilson:

After viewing the incident this last weekend regarding your officers ticketing people in the church parking lot, I offer the following comments.

I’m a private investigator in New York with a strong educational background in law, as well as a childhood enjoyed as the son of a police officer. What your officers did this weekend in that church parking lot was vile.

Regardless of any local decisions, regional decrees, state mandates or national guidelines, the decision to issue those tickets and harass those parishioners demonstrates a lack of basic understanding regarding God-given human rights, as well as fundamental Constitutional rights. Any decent cop, with any training at all would balk at any action like this.

As a result of their bad-judgment, these men should be terminated.  Additionally, if you condone their actions, or otherwise have the temerity to defend it in any fashion, you ought to resign as well. Clearly, the “training” these officers received was severely lacking. Even in the total absence of any training, any officer, or civilian that thought this was OK obviously lacks the basic intelligence to be in a position of authority.

One of your officers actually told the pastor that his rights were being suspended. The officer appeared to be a veteran and that is even more alarming. A black cop lecturing a black pastor about “suspending” his rights in Mississippi is a little more than ironic.  Statements like that made 60 years ago saw people hanging from ropes.  The officer that made that statement deserves to be fired.

I would be counseling all who were ticketed to sue the ass off the municipality. And while many may see this as a money grab, I see it as a deterrent, and an example of why municipalities and their police officers cannot do whatever the hell they want to do. I hope that the full force of public opinion as well as legal consequence rightfully reins down on you, the department, the officers, and any others that defend this atrocity.


R.T. Kingsley


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