A Knee to the Neck for Floyd, A Kick in the Nuts to America

A nine-minute cell phone video has given excuse to anarchists and low-life criminals for their acts of mayhem.  Nationally organized, these rent-a-mobs are tools of a higher order directed at dismantling societal norms.  Rioters and looters aren’t concerned with injustice; they use it as cover for their felonious acts aimed at a hatred of America.

In a rush-to-judgment, fomented by those with an axe to grind, the assumption is that racism had a role in this death.  The idea of a white cop/black perp, instantly equating racism is an act of racist assumption in and of itself.  No doubt, Mr. Floyd is dead at the hands of the Minneapolis police.  Accordingly, the man responsible is in custody awaiting adjudication for murder.  What more can the mob want?  How is that relevant to the thousands of other police departments scattered throughout the US that killed no one today?

Was Mr. Floyd a criminal?  Yes, a career criminal, with prison stints dating back to the 1990’s.  Had he not been committing a crime again, (this time passing counterfeit currency), this incident would not have happened.  Floyd didn’t deserve the death sentence, but it is fact that his own actions contributed to the situation in the first place.

Looters and arsonists should be shot.  When gatherings turn violent, participants that fail to lawfully disperse ought to face pepper-spray, tear-gas and water cannons, then be arrested and convicted.

Peaceful protests should be protected and the general public of the law-abiding ought to arm themselves against the street-scum hiding behind the casket of George Floyd, two-thirds of whom couldn’t tell you the mans name.

The national frenzy over this incident has less to do with Floyd and more to do with the organized and well financed evil forces in America that seek her destruction.  Bus loads of professional thugs, pallets of bricks and piles of money incite these riots, carried out by the useful idiots our broken education system has produced, those incapable of thought and indoctrinated with a hateful agenda they can’t even articulate.

Just as the Democrats brought us the Ku Klux Klan in the middle 1800’s, that same party hosts what we see today, new name, similar tactics, same mindset and game-plan; bring capitalism to its knees, destroy Trump, and do so at all costs, even if it takes the very life of the country.  Pelosi, Schumer et.al, silent in complicacy. 

Today’s Left are gutless thugs when the fighting is restrained by political officials in large cities.  Bring that fight to the Conservative battlefields of suburban and rural America and remind yourselves my liberal snow-flakes, when the gloves come off and the real fighting starts, which side has more guns, is better trained, and will be happy to use them on you?


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