Biden in the Bunker

The China flu was just what the doctor ordered for Joe Biden.  Providing sub-terrainian cover for self-imposed exile in his basement bunker, doctors can attend to his declining mental health under cover of Covid.  Biden’s handlers don’t dare let him out for fear he’ll wander off script, get mad or otherwise appear to be senile, (of which multiple examples abound.)  While his continuous barrage of daily gaffs makes for simplistic comedy, it really is a serious matter that should alarm all Americans.

Joe is clearly not up to the task of being the Commander-in-Chief and regardless of your political stripes, this is obvious to any intellectually honest observer.  Liberal or conservative, left or right, competency, mental acuity and a sharp intellect are must-haves for any candidate.  Recently, Joe has lost those skills and a hatred of Trump alone is no reason to ignore this reality.

My neighbor has a lawn sign that says, “Anyone But Trump”

Be really careful what you wish for.  The “anyone” of Joe Biden will quickly become the “everyone” of the political Left and his handlers will morph into puppeteers in a presidency that will look less like America and more like the Land of Oz.   


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