Unpacking Platitudes

These yard signs are popping up and I thought it useful to unpack some of the crap espoused therein.

Titled “WE BELIEVE”, the 29-word manifesto outlines seven distinct positions, (opinions), expressed as facts from those smarter than us, the true believers.  These self-anointed smug and superior beings are here to help the rest of us know what to think.

It makes sense to assume these seven truths to live by are naturally expressed in order of importance, so they begin with today’s favorite buzz phrase:  BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Also important to note, of these seven positions, four are printed using all capital letters, (which denote shouting), and the BLACK LIVES MATTER line is not only first, it is in caps.  So we can conclude, from all things these wizards of knowledge could proclaim, first on their list is shouting the fact that black lives matters.

If you are a thoughtful person that scratches even softly on the surface of what passes today for news coverage, you undoubtedly understand that the plain meaning of the phrase, “black lives matter” is a truism, as opposed to the organization Black Lives Matter, (BLM), which is a hate-group governed by racist, misandrist lesbians that don’t believe in the traditional family as a model for societal success.  Sort of like Planned Parenthood sounds like a nice place for parents instead of the abortion mill that it is, BLM is actually a vile hate group.

Support BLM endorses communism, the destruction of the traditional family unit and the abolition of the police.  Read their statements for even more disturbing aspects of their goals.  BLM is a scourge on humanity that needs to be defeated by decency.

Next in line from these brain-trusts of yard-sign wisdom is the statement, again all in caps, NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL.  Let’s unpack this little 4-word beauty.  Illegality pertains to the actions and activities of humans, not a proclamation against the person per se.  We have a legal system.  If your conduct, i.e.: your actions and activities fall outside of the limits of that legal system, (the system, by-the-way, which we all agreed upon via our governance system of representation that elected those lawmakers to office), then your actions are found to be illegal.

What the yard-wizards are really trying to say, but they don’t dare do so because the position is so radical, is that the United State should have open borders and everyone and anyone should be allowed in.  These cowards just don’t possess the fortitude to say it directly, so they emote to an empty phrase like NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL.  Unmitigated crap.

Next we have LOVE IS LOVE.  This is a platitude so evident and so stupid it will not be addressed further.

The 4th position, (and the first to revert from shouting to normal English) states that, “Women’s rights are human rights.”  Again, another platitude that essentially reminds us that women are human.  Thank you.

5th on the hit-parade of lawn wisdom is the deep-deep statement, “Science is real”  Again, afraid to actually say it out-loud, what this actually is is the proclamation that global warming is settled science, enough said, no more debate, good-night and sleep tight.  Once again, liberal nonsense that is not settled science but hyperbolic opinion.

Second to last is the almost biblical sentiment saying, “Water is life”  I’m sure this near-biblical reference was completely unintentional given the lack of any reference to God in the WE BELIEVE selections, however, once again what they can’t quite muster to say outright, they sat in code:  Embrace the Green New Deal.  Knowing that this has yet to take hold in a meaningful way, instead these intellectual cowards couch their positions in code-speak, so as not to have to defend themselves if called out.  How convenient.

And finally, the Omnipotent geniuses leave us with, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, the only cogent, understandable and reasonable statement they make, albeit taking it for themselves without the proper attribution to the author, Martin Luther King.

The company producing these sign is called Signs of Justice, based (predictably) in Portland.  This mixed-race married couple that owns the business says this on their website, (in part.)

“Hello, we are Jameesa and Bryan Oakley of Portland, Oregon.   Like many others on election night 2016, our family was left in shock and disbelief. How could a man who campaigned on hate become President of the United States?  What would this mean for our values of love, decency and inclusion? How could we rise above the oppression and make an impact?  

With inspiration from some like-minded friends we realized we could utilize our professional skills and resources.  Our family already owned and operated a small commercial sign printing business.  Why not use our vocation to benefit social justice?  Through visual displays of art and solidarity, we can inspire resistance and action.  Love will win!”

What could be better than a mixed-race couple from Portland, brave social justice warriors, pumping out nonsensical signs, (at a capitalistic, motivated profit I presume?), to the mind-numbed robotic liberal zombies so thirsty for thought, seeing they can muster so little on their own.  The American Dream of making money from morons is alive and well.  Good job Mr. and Mrs. Oakley, (wait, isn’t the institution of marriage blatantly patriarchical?)  Never-mind.

Here is my version of a lawn sign using only 29 words:







After reading and considering both signs, decide in which country you are going to live, one inspired by feckless platitudes that all but expel God from public life while celebrating anarchy, unrest and discourse, or a traditional America that recognizes that without God nothing is possible and with Him anything is.  I believe that the United States was indeed formed divinely and remains today exceptional.  I know that God Almighty won’t allow that to change.


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