My company provides services to insurance carriers.  Recently, a large, nationally operational third party administrator issued the following directive, excerpts of which I have included.

Hello Team, 

We wanted to send out a note regarding this, as the Carriers do not want to see the word “tranny” or “trans” manually entered when referring to a transmission or transmission fluid as it is a Political Correctness issue.  We understand that it has been used for a while and is considered industry slang however, in today’s society it can rub some the wrong way and create legal issues. Please be make sure going forward you are not using these slangs on your estimate.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you.

After about 3-minutes of thoughtful consideration, I dashed off the following in response.

In a world of insane, hyper-sensitivity, wouldn’t the phrase “rub some the wrong way” also have sexual overtones for those sad people that have nothing better to do than see if they can figure out a way to be offended?  Instead, normal, high-functioning people ought to rise up and tell that sad, 1% of the easily offended to go and piss up a rope.  Tired of the PC BS.

Having been in business for over 35-years, I can afford to make such pronouncements in protest to a world gone crazy.  I do so on behalf of all of the younger people and their fledgling businesses that are too afraid to stand up to this nonsense and fight back.

I hope I’m not alone in my quest to fight-off this oppressive fog of compulsive submission to unorthodoxy, but regardless; I’ll not be cowed into compliance from the fringes of a society that has lost its way.

This is what happens when we dismiss, discourage and dismantle the family and un-tether ourselves from God. 


10 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. Lepiyaw says:

    What’s crazy is thinking that requesting people to avoid using the words tranny and trans is somehow the result of un-tethering ourselves from god and dismantling the family? How do you even make that connection. Also are you not aware of the irony of complaining about people being offended easily while being offended by a cordial email requesting a simple change. Sorry to intrude on to your echo chamber here.


    • First, thank you for reading and the feedback, I appreciate that. As for your trouble in connecting the un-tethering of God, (In my world, God always has a CAPITAL G) and dismantling the family, let me assist in your understanding. (You’re right, I didn’t do an adequate job of making that connection, especially in consideration of the thought processes of those who don’t see it my way.)

      In my opinion, once God is absent from our lives all sorts of maladies and issues erupt. Only within a generation or two has the concept of actually transforming one’s sex even been a possibility or a consideration. Many religious people consider human beings as gifts from God and the sex assigned at birth as God’s decision. I see the hostility to God in general resulting in the consequence of many of these new maladies and abnormalities manifesting themselves. In today’s “cancel culture” the fear of saying that people seeking transformations from one sex to another need the help of mental health professionals is unpopular. That doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate. I see the break-down of the traditional family as perhaps the result of a person finding themselves un-tethered to absolutes. God created the family, so divorcing God from the issues of family is impossible, and as we know, the traditional nuclear family suffers great losses today from neglect and disregard. Family and God are inextricably entwined. In my opinion, society doesn’t need to become more “tolerable” of things that are crazy, but the crazy people need to be told they are crazy and learn to deal in the real normal world of real normal people. Instead, we are being commanded to not only tolerate, but accept and affirm things we do not actually condone or accept, it is the right of everyone to do with themselves whatever they choose to, it is also the right of anyone else to not be intimidated or harassed into accepting or condoning those acts. AS for your comment that the email in question was for a “simple change”, sorry that’s BS. The terms used in the auto industry long pre-date the craziness of sexual confusion or change and obviously have no clever reference to that at all. If some are offended by that, tough shit, that is just someone looking for a reason to be offended and you know what? That is really their demands for others acceptance disguised as outrage and for that reason, I stand by my comments in the article that suggest those folks so affected go and piss up a rope. If this offends you, oh well.


      • Lepiyaw says:

        The idea that once god is absent, all kind of issues appear is clearly wrong if you look at history. Are you saying that people who were largely religious in the past did not experience literal plagues, famine, and wars? The concept of people changing their sex is hardly a big issue and I doubt the majority of the population regardless of their belief in god will ever think about changing their sex. I could see why you think people who consider sex changes also tend to be those don’t believe in god. However, I think neither of those things are hardly big issues to cry over. Also, I understand that the terms tranny and tran in your context might not be intended to offend anyone, but they were used in derogatory ways. It’s a very simple idea. If you hurt someone even though you didn’t intend to, you would still apologize. If you refuse to change and call other people crazy, then maybe you are just genuinely close-minded and ignorant.


      • Again, thanks for reading. This will be our last exchange about this topic. God is always spelled with a capital G. You’re obviously a non-believer and that makes discussions grounded in God and faith difficult if not impossible with you, so that is an obstacle. Ignorance is lacking knowledge, awareness or otherwise uneducated. As I fit non of those descriptions I’ll graciously accept your apology for making the accusation. Crazy people do exist. God exists. Crazies need to work on being non-crazies. The rest of us don’t have to accept or endorse this nonsense, so with that said I’ll again thank you for your input and continued reading. I wish you well.


  2. Allie says:

    Dear Lepiyaw,
    I appreciate your attempts to disagree in a civil way.

    But Bob is RIGHT!

    Knowing right from wrong, then choosing right (not wrong) is easier since I made a decision to turn my will (thoughts) and my life (actions) over to the care of God. This doesn’t mean a person who doesn’t believe in God is a bad person who should be shunned, nor does it mean that people who believe in God should be condemned when they mess up…since we all mess up. (I chose “mess up” because the word SIN used to make me bristle with antagonism when I was agnostic.)

    I read some scripture. Historically it seems folk embraced choosing right (not wrong) and there was peace. Then people chose wrong more and more bad stuff happened (wars, famine, floods). Those trying to live well knew (had faith) that everything would work out. Another way to put it is, we can choose to live with love (God or a Higher Power) or choose to live with fear (no God, no faith, no hope).

    When a surprise flood covered my office in 5 feet of water while I was traveling on a Friday, my church friends got out the files and computers in 15 minutes. (That’s all the notice I had, and all they could safely do in 15 minutes.) I lost the furniture, my gym room, and the wall of kid art, but I was working my cases on Monday. I had faith.

    In 1988, I could no longer postpone or evade the question: is there God or is it a myth? I was in so much pain, I said “if you’re there, please help me!” Things quickly fell into place and I became a believer. I love God and am not ashamed to say so. Every one has a different journey.

    I was the 10th kid and dad died so I put myself through school. I worked as a waitress while my law school classmates put cigarettes out on their plates and laughingly kept me fetching their drinks, but I didn’t care. God has a Plan of Happiness for anyone who chooses it. When I live by His will, I have peace of mind NO MATTER WHAT! When my mom died in my arms, and then (3 yrs ago) my brother did too, it hurt, but I was grateful to be loving them as they took their last breath. Sad but beautiful. Every time it got too hard I prayed for strength—and got more. When I was a nonbeliever and my dad was dying, I drove away and get loaded.

    When I ignore His teachings and I’m a jerk, I suffer (emotionally, financially, physically) until I resume living with faith. My yoga friends call it Do No Harm. Some call it treat others how you want to be treated. God’s commandments are not suggestions.

    I have had clients, friends and a trial practice partner who were TG. (4 Republican, 1 Democrat.) They ALL believe in God. My trial practice partner, a chatty transsexual and conservative classmate (who later ran against Bernie Sanders) was impossible to offend, and my law school classmates were BRUTAL to her. Every transgender person I know are/were practical people who went by the motto “sticks and stones may break my bones but names do not hurt me.” And they always knew where the single bathroom stalls were when they were dressed in drag~this bathroom/gender crap is just another MANUFACTURED distraction to keep us apart. The TG folk I called about these (“tranny” & God) topics thought it STUPID to write out the long word transmission on a work order form BECAUSE THE WORD TRANNY WOULD NOT OFFEND THEM! (Especially the democrat Motörhead Stephanie who worked in a foundry making tractor parts for much of her life. She thought it “CRAZY” that anybody could possibly get offended at putting “tranny” on a work order.) I suspect most of the “say it this way” mandates and other overreaching are caused by public officials to keep us in chaos. Haven’t you read Rules for Radicals?

    America is the greatest experiment of living by God’s will. Sadly, devious power hungry fools are denying God and trying to wreck our republic. People aren’t gathered at the borders of China, Russia, North Korea or Venezuela to sneak in. When communism, not GOD, is a nation’s Higher Power, it SUCKS to live there. America is desired because freedom and liberty are PRECIOUS. But our type of self government ONLY works with moral people who know right from wrong and live accordingly. Many believe in God; some don’t. Those easily offended should talk to someone who escaped a communist country. They’d change their attitudes if they knew the truth!

    Peace is NOT achieved by making OTHERS change! Good Grief!! When I worked in a communist country one summer, I knew a woman whose grandmother was shot by the govt because she had a few pages of the Bible. Thank goodness (I thank God) for The Bill of Rights! Those rights come from GOD-not politicians or bureaucrats.

    Personally, in my 20’s I thought God liked rich people and good people and since I was neither, I figured God hated me, so I hated Him. My life got tougher and tougher. I questioned if God IS. After much pain, I changed my attitude. I have faith and hope today. I will NEVER apologize for loving God and putting God FIRST.

    I hope you find the book called “May I Hate God?” It helped me.

    My atheist nephew loves America and carries a pocket US Constitution. I respect him. We discuss our different beliefs, Politely. We believe in personal responsibility.
    We are blessed to live in America where we get to choose where and how to live, what to do, and create our own happiness.

    Life is simple, and joyful when I put God first. I work very hard and have very big challenges, but I am NOT a victim. I’m an unapologetic person of faith who respects your right to disagree. Laugh all you want, but I worked like a dog, created prosperity and semi-retired early. Prosperity remained elusive until I Tithed with JOY! My parents didn’t graduate high school. I’ve taught college classes. Only in America!

    Leftists would cancel George Carlin or Seinfeld in this divisive climate. But we need to laugh, and enjoy sports and arts without politics!! If you need to laugh, watch Carlin discuss saving the planet on you tube…before they censor it, like in Orwell’s 1984.

    Bob IS RIGHT, Since people abandoned God, hatred has increased. So has suffering. Life is much harder without God. God has a sense of humor too; try telling Him how you want things to be…instead of Thy Will, not my will be done.

    Did you know the FIRST book printed by our Library of Congress is The Bible? The Bible IS a Plan of Happiness. I pray and wish peace and happiness for Lepijaw.


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