Drop the Hammer on Gwen Berry

US Olympic hammer-thrower Gwen Berry generated wide-spread publicity this past week-end by turning her back on the US flag at the awards podium during the Olympic trials.  Berry, a well known prejudiced race-baiting malcontent has acted out in the past, earning a sanction from the US Olympic Committee two years ago for her grand-standing at the Pan American Games, and she has also been suspended for violating the Olympic anti-doping regulations.

Berry has an absolute right to exercise her freedom to speak.  She is free to say anything she wants to say any time see chooses to say it.  That freedom however does not rule out consequences.  The people and organizations that sponsor her, pay for her training, transportation, living expenses, food, medical care and the like have that same liberty to exercise their rights as well.  Rights for example under the area of contract law.  It may require that in order to compete in the Olympic Games as an athlete representing the United States of America, participants must agree to certain curtailments of those speech rights in exchange for accepting a position on the team.  Berry better read the fine print on her otherwise free-ride to stardom paid for by her fellow Americans.

Let’s be real; obtaining the glamour shot as a hammer-thrower is unlikely, especially when you take one look at Berry.  Her abundance of hate-filled attitude defines her image perfectly.  Where a Sharapova in tennis or Biles in gymnastics serve as terrific athletes and role models that are also aesthetically pleasing click-bait, images of the snide and bitchy Berry won’t make most spam folders.  Acting out may generate for her a Kapernick moment she might hope to ride into a gravy train but again, Berry is performing on a stage she doesn’t own, in a sport that doesn’t add one ounce of revenue or viewer excitement, (read advertising revenue) to the bottom line.

Hammer-throwing shouldn’t even be an Olympic sport.  The only people throwing hammers are Olympians or those trying to become Olympians.  This should have been thrown out of the modern Olympics long ago, along with the likes of Berry.

Although speech is “free”, so is speech in reaction just as free.  Berry devoid of the Olympic stage is just another anonymous self-loathing; prejudice mean-spirited ugly human being looking to blame others for her miserable existence. 

The next time 3rd place hammer-thrower Berry makes her throw, she might best be advised to attach to that hammer her crappy attitude and the gigantic chip on her shoulder and throw it all out into the cesspool of her own despair.

I believe that freedom loving Americans would rather lose an Olympic medal than to have it obtained by the likes of Berry.  Her achievements would only taint the trophy case with her poisonous hatred of America and sully the goodness of her fellow athletes that best represent this great country.  While Berry is hateful of America, she is slimy enough to use what she can from that which she hates for her own enrichment.

Before Berry ever competes again, the US Olympic Committee ought to drop the hammer on her.


2 thoughts on “Drop the Hammer on Gwen Berry

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    • First I want to thank you for reading my article, and in particular observing that it was, in your opinion, “well-written.” Unfortunately, that was the only thing you got right.

      It seems the Fox News has gotten quite completely under your skin.

      You say that,
      “Fox News tried to spin the incident into an apocalyptic narrative, the general idea being that ‘a black female protester is the reason the entire country is in great peril and no-one is doing anything about it!’ Really? And just how do you conclude that? You offer no support, just opinion. You have no idea what Fox News believes.

      You go on to state:
      ‘It is extremely clear that the protests by Berry spring from facts of injustice and unfairness. This means her commitment to values of justice and fairness seem very clear.” Again, you have no idea what motivates Berry. Truth is, she is a malcontent that is mad at the world and carries a large chip on her shoulder. Berry lives in the world of the terminally pissed-off.
      You finish off by saying, “(I want to note here that the media coverage by Fox is disappointing and polarizing.)” Again, nothing more than your opinion.
      Keep monitoring Fox. You might learn something. And again, thanks for reading my stuff and the compliment, albeit back-handed.


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