The Big Lie

Although it is common parlance today that there is a “war on cops”, in the broader sense, the essence of the war is to facilitate the breakdown of societal norms and induce anarchy.  By the very nature of their job, cops operate in an inherently dangerous and unsafe environment, but in today’s increasingly violent and liberal world, that job has been made purposefully intolerable by evil-doers like the leadership of black lives matter and their adherents.

When felon-folk-hero George Floyd died because he was resisting arrest while under the influence of a lethal amount of drugs in the commission of yet another felony to add to his long rap sheet, the event gave rise to race-baiting-pimps inciting a race war.

The problem is the big lie:  George Floyd didn’t die because he was black; he died because he was a non-compliant, career criminal drug-abusing felony-committing scum bag.

To those willing to hitch their wagon to embarrassing failures like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, George Floyd and black lives matter, frankly they’re too intellectually deficient to undertake meaningful debate.  Their lot is cast, their fate sealed in the ignorance and debasement of the common fool.  Wasting ones voice on the unsalvageable serves no purpose.

Good and decent people need to awaken and rid the world of this garbage before it piles up and rots the entirety of our beloved country.   


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