My View

  • Mankind is not perfectible, only God.  The pursuit however of that perfection is our noblest obligation.
  • The things and ideas we decide to reject in life are every bit as important, even life-changing, as those things and ideas we choose to accept.
  • Rejecting your chance at learning means accepting your future as a fool.
  • The ability to read is different than the love of reading.  Only by fostering and gaining that love can the entirety of the world be truly opened.
  • Anything worth hearing was first written and writing gives the author immortality.
  • Failure is the finest teacher of what is success.
  • If you aren’t willing to participate in determining how our world works, hold your complaints for others who could also care less.
  • Whether or not your past hurt you or helped you, what you do today determines your future.
  • Authentic friends tell you the truth, hold you accountable and support you based on righteousness, reality and reason, especially in times when those words sting.  Faux friends comfort you when you’re wrong and walk you down the easier path by never making you think.
  • The true demonstration of overcoming adversity is the fact that every decent man had to reject what 1000 fools were telling him.

3 thoughts on “My View

  1. Dennis Hannon says:

    Thanks Bob, SO TRUE.

    Are you going to write anything regarding New York’s gutting of the 2nd Amendment? The new Laws, effective 9/1, essentially eliminate your ability to carry concealed except maybe in your car. All other public and private properties, any store, church, restaurants etc. etc. are off limits so your carry permit is rendered invalid.

    Consider this; You are in Weiss Markets and have your firearm. A shooter walks in and you draw your firearm and take-out the bad guy. You will most likely be prosecuted for murder/manslaughter as well as Criminal possession of a weapon since you unlawfully possessed it in a place of business.

    I think it is highly unlikely many businesses will be posting signs stating- CONCELAED FIREARMS WELCOME. ________________________________


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