We Want Our Country Back

With no end in sight, today’s world rushes towards us at a torrent pace that is upending our lives, expectations and dreams.  Covid-19, George Floyd, Trump, the election, Black Lives Matter, (BLM) rioting, looting, cop-hating, cities on fire; how do we synthesize this while living a normal life?  In our fitful dreams we struggle between the image of a made-for-TV apocalypse while hoping it is only a nightmare that will end.  The conscious divide between reality and fantasy tests the sanity of us all, hoping we awaken from nothing more than a bad dream yet awake we are.

The quiet Christmas and bountiful New Year enjoyed a few hundred days before seems like a past lifetime someone else experienced and for which we wistfully reminisce, forlorn observers peering through a snow-globe.

We all want our lives back.  We want normalcy re-established.  We demand law and order.  We need the peace and quiet-enjoyment that girds American society by ensuring her reason and sanity.  We can’t think straight without peacefulness in our lives.  We need this space to focus, to reason, to fathom our situations and make good choices for ourselves.  This can’t happen in the midst of mayhem.  The chaotic and unpredictable foster bad decisions made under pressure and in haste.  We see the results of this today and every day.

The first order of business at all levels of governance is the safety and security of its citizens.  In that primary obligation, government at all levels has failed us.  Without law and order, all else is lost.  If government cannot insure this, government is useless because in the absence of law and order, it all breaks down.  Seattle, Portland, Chicago, are bellwethers to a society that is losing its moral and constitutional moorings.  A government that can’t provide law and order, but imposes its will on those who voluntarily remain orderly and law-abiding quickly becomes an oppressive enemy of the people.  We see this when the police stand down during riots but arrest church-goers for worshipping.

A triad of circumstance brings us to this pivotal and unimaginable moment in American history.  The presidency of Donald J. Trump, the pandemic of Covid-19 and the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have provided the elements that are creating a maelstrom that might well drown us and destroy our society.

The Trump presidency represents the keystone to an arch of unthinkable events for those on the Left.  Bush and the Supreme Court stole the election from Al Gore in 2000.  The Electoral College undermined the popular vote.  Obama failed to deliver on the promise of the first African-American president and Hillary Clinton was denied coronation as the first female US President with the Electoral College undermining the populous once again. 

Enter Trump; bombastic, owing no allegiance to any party or funding source, hell-bent on “draining the swamp” as not only an outsider, but an undomesticated force that cannot be manipulated.  He out-maneuvers the media so badly that he quickly garners their hatred.  He uses social media to bypass the spin doctors and connects directly with the people.  The Swamp is panicked and clueless.  His followers finally find a fighter.  As the stock market soars, unemployment in essence disappears, prosperity is obvious, the military is strong, we’re not at war and things are getting done, the Left is enraged because they were so sure of his incompetency.  Hard to argue with facts, even when Biden says he’ll take “truth” instead.

Then with less than a year to a presidential election, Covid-19 paralyses the world, shuts down the entire economy, plunges the country into double-digit unemployment, the fear of death and the uncertainty of what to do.  As the country limps along, watching as freedom is traded for safety, people become bitter, cynical and even more un-trusting of a media and a government that gets so much wrong and tramples on the Constitution.

After months of self-quarantine, no work, government bailouts and the constant stream of media noise dumping information on a weary and steadily-growing-angrier public, it takes eight minutes and 46 seconds for a video of George Floyd dying at the hands of the police to bring life back to Black Lives Matter (BLM) and launches a nationwide movement that includes rioting, looting, arson, death and destruction that hasn’t yet ceased.

Floyd was a career felon, once held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman, spent years in prison and likely died of complications from a fentanyl over-dose.  He is today a folk-hero to some, facts be damned.

China is responsible for the spread of the virus, if not its creation, yet Trump is blamed out of an uncontrolled hatred that simply says it is so.

The three imaginary lines of Trump, Covid-19 and BLM don’t ever converge so the equation is not solvable.  There is no compromise only victory or defeat of one ideology over the other, Left or Right.  One ideology will prevail and one will be vanquished.  The time is now and the moment is upon us.  I wish the news was better, but truth is truth and happy-endings are for fairy tales.

God bless America as we witness our own destiny as it unfolds before us, remembering the words of Thomas Jefferson in 1787 but prophetic today.  

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

That moment is upon us.


Militant Lesbians Kick Men Out of BLM

Today’s Black Lives Matter movement, (BLM,) has been co-opted by a Black Lesbian Management team that has little resemblance to the Black Liberation Movement and the Black Panther’s of the 1960’s, although they want you to think otherwise.

Fast forward three generations to the same initials but a split agenda.  With a new crop of naïve devotees blissfully devoid of historical perspective, this ignorance leaves as unknown to them the fact that communism, collectivism and the theories of Stalin and Mao underpin the BLM philosophy.  Today’s leadership adds misandry and the rejection of heterosexuality and tradition in blurring those historical lines.   

According to the BLM manifesto, the horsepower driving their activism today is the death of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, two black thugs that died at the hands of white men.  In both cases, the killings were adjudicated as legally justified homicides yet the BLM community inaccurately calls the incidents “murder.”

The refusal to accept unfavorable judicial verdicts is one hallmark of BLM.  This supports the fallacy that rulings they disagree with prove the illegitimacy of the “system”. This “circular nonsense” justifies their outrage and whatever flows from it as a result; like the rioting, looting, arson and anarchy we see today.

Without a current cause celebre, the BLM movement was suffering along in relative dormancy until the death of George Floyd provided renewed torque and traction to their cause.  Ironically, Floyd’s last breath breathed life back into the BLM movement.

Floyd’s death at the hands of the police is being wielded as a hammer by BLM, attempting to amalgamate the false narrative that all interactions between blacks and cops are illegitimate and likely lethal.  Floyd’s assailants were swiftly charged and jailed.  Their fate rests in the same judicial system BLM seeks to nullify, that is unless that system produces for them the result they want.  Floyd’s death rightfully brought indictments on those responsible.  Expanding that indictment to the entirety of our nation’s police officers is not only wrong, it is irresponsible and reprehensible.

BLM is by their own definition a hate group.  They hate the “system” and the state and by extension the white men who they believe unfairly control both.  This is what they say:

“We are unapologetically Black in our positioning. In affirming that Black Lives Matter, we need not qualify our position.  The impetus for that commitment was, and still is, the rampant and deliberate violence inflicted on us by the state.”

Miami Downtown, FL, USA – MAY 31, 2020: Protests for the rights of black people. Emotional man with black skin holds his hand up. Activist in a demonstration after George Floyd death

Imagine replacing the words black with white in the above statement.  BLM would explode with accusations of racism yet fail to see their own hypocrisy. 

If BLM actually gave a damn about black lives, their efforts would concentrate on black-on-black murders which account for the overwhelming cause all black homicides.  The closer examination of black lives matter more to BLM when they are on caught on camera at the hands of a white man because that narrative is easier to protest than it is to explain why blacks overwhelmingly kill each other.

Proudly stating, “we need not qualify our position,” is understandable because it is not legitimately qualifiable.  Declaring that, “rampant and deliberate violence inflicted on us by the state.” is a serious and unsubstantiated statement unworthy of debate in the absence of some proof, or in the words of BLM, “we need not quality our position” on how nonsensical is this assertion.

BLM goes on to de-legitimize the traditional nuclear family structure.  Here is what they say:

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

Notice the deliberate absence of the word “father”?  That is because this modern iteration of the Black Liberation Movement is run by a small group of young misandrist-minded, hetero-hating women.  It would appear that just like their role in the family, black men are missing in action when it comes to the leadership of BLM as well.  No wonder when this is what BLM says about their view of men:

“We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered.”

They go on to say, “We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual.”

Today’s BLM lesbian leadership team is marginalizing black men while taking over the organization and expanding its agenda.

BLM is a hate-filled cancer that is attempting to hijack normal and decent people in the black community.  Ironically, it has found more success in the young, white female population, most eager to prostrate themselves due to their learned self-loathing simply because they were born white.  A generation indoctrinated in schools that preach a narrative instead of teaching one how to reason with healthy skepticism produces blind followers.

The United State of America has done more to address racism than any other nation on the face of this Earth.  The USA is the overwhelming choice for emigrants from all over the world, and the vast majority are non-white.

BLM adherent’s use the freedoms afforded them by virtue of being Americans to argue for dismantling that very gift, along with the greatest society mankind has ever created.  They must not be negotiated with, but like any other cancer, these outrageous ideas and accusations must be cut-out, discarded and inoculated against by the ideas and ideals of a better, enlightened vision.

This is from Black Liberation Movement propaganda and today’s organization  shares these goals:


Look at the recent funding of BLM.  Here are the facts:  The Ford Foundation donated $100 million to BLM, according to the Washington Times.  Another donation of $33 million was reportedly issued by the Open Society Foundations.

BLM and the organizations that fund them need to be exposed for the hate-filled and vile ideologies they foster.  America recognizes her imperfections and is always improving.  That fact deserves celebration and support not efforts to destroy.

The United State of America is at a historical tipping point.  We will either vanquish those who seek to destroy, dismantle and re-define us as a nation, or we will be homogenized into the mediocrity that these small-minded and self-loathing people wish for us to be destined.  The fight against BLM is that battle and their poison ideology is that hill worth dying on, no longer philosophical, mythic, or poetic, but as worthy of the cause as was Gettysburg, the Battle of Somme or Midway.


How BLM Insults White People

Normal every-day white people are insulted by the phrase, “Black Lives Matter”, (BLM) because the presumption is that white folks need to be reminded of the sanctity of black lives.  How racist, patronized and insulting, assuming that of an entire race of people. 

Isn’t generalizing by race a major complaint that blacks have about how they believe whites view them?   

Not a single person I know discounts the value of a life based on skin color.  There is not a shred of empirical evidence to back up that outrageous claim.

If BLM leadership sincerely cared about all black lives, they would be focused on America’s major cities, figuring out why blacks are killing each other at alarming and increasing rates.

Over Father’s Day weekend in Chicago, there were 104 people shot, 15 left dead including a 3-year old.  The weekend before, 84 shot, 24 dead, shooters and victims predominantly black.  Last year Chicago had 2151 shootings with 492 dead.  This year it looks like those numbers will increase.

71% of those killed in Chicago are black and 75% of their murders are also black.

Didn’t notice any BLM rallies in Chicago protesting this on-going tragedy.

Black lives seem to matter more to BLM when they are taken by white police officers being videoed for public consumption.  While the death of George Floyd was unwarranted, the murder of an innocent three-year-old in Chicago ought to foment more outrage than a career felon dying during the investigation of a crime in which he was involved.

BLM isn’t interested in solving problems any more than Al Sharpton wants to end racism.  Both need controversy, animosity and ignorance in order to advance an agenda and create a payday.  If you point this out, you will be labeled a racist, your point of view marginalized while you are effectively censored.

BLM doesn’t seek a discussion, they demand your submission.

Miami Downtown, FL, USA – MAY 31, 2020: Protests for the rights of black people. Emotional man with black skin holds his hand up. Activist in a demonstration after George Floyd death

Shifting blame, controlling the narrative and refusing to take responsibility is BLM’s strategy.  As long as this kind of race-baiting goes on, the actual solutions are ignored and the problems only worsen. 

White people are now demanded to solve the black’s problems by admitting their privilege, prostrating themselves by taking a knee and publicly groveling as a form of virtue signaling.

A 75% out-of-wedlock birth rate, broken families and blacks killing each other in records numbers are realities hard to pin on the myths of systemic racism or white privilege.