The Rule of Law

We hear this common phrase used frequently, however I question how many genuinely understand its meaning?  To say one believes in the rule of law is the statement of an absolute certainty.  In most speeches about law and order, you will hear along with it the phrase, “we are a nation of laws”.  It is true, the United States prides itself on being governed by laws, so why is it that while almost everyone agrees with the adage that the US is a nation of laws and that the rule of law prevails, so many on the Left act in ways that completely and totally contradict lawfulness?


Laws govern immigration.  Those here unlawfully are by definition law-breakers.  The consequences of violating laws are spelled out in the law itself.  Once charged with a violation and adjudicated as guilty, the penalty is defined.  To vary from this system is the very definition of anarchy.


For those who disagree with the law, the proper and civil method of addressing that is to work to either amend, rescind or re-write that law.  The idea of simply violating those laws with which you disagree and accepting those with which you do is still anarchy, totally unpredictable and dependent on the mood of the individual.  The rule of law provides uniformity, conformity and calculable behavior amongst law-abiding citizens.  Knowing the law and the public’s general acceptance of those laws allows others in society to make reasoned inference on how others will behave.  Leaving compliance to the whim of individuals is unacceptable.


Because of an ignorance in civics and history, many on the Left are misguided regarding their philosophy on why it seems to them OK to violate immigration law.  In short, the Left believes that our history is one of not only allowing, but encouraging anyone and everyone to migrate to the US.  They believe that only in recent years, Conservatives have sought to close off migration in order to preserve the sameness of an Anglo America.  Both assertions are false.  The Left care more about illegal aliens than they do about their Conservative fellow citizens.  If they could, they would gladly trade one group for the other and disenfranchise conservatism from the landscape, importing hordes of Leftist voters so they might rein in perpetuity.  This is what they think; but few have the temerity to say so publicly.


American Conservatism not only believes in and celebrates our unique culture; we are dedicated to preserving that cultural history some 300 years in the making.  Those risking their lives to come here are escaping their culture and seeking ours.  American culture is no less worthy of protection than any other and assimilation is a requirement of participation in the American Experience.


The rule of law protects this unique and exceptional place for which rivers of blood have been shed in her creation and her defense.  Lady Liberty is no less worthy of that sacrifice today.