The Trump Card

John Perricone’s letter to the editor appearing in the Press & Sun-Bulletin on Friday, March 4, 2016 entitled “Trump lowers the bar for humanity” cannot go unchallenged.

The writer compares Trump to Jerry Springer and castigates him into the ranks of a prejudicial, discriminating, uncivil misogynist while outrageously claiming that his supporters are emboldened because they too are prejudiced, discriminating, uncivil misogynists, just like him.

The dramatic width of the brush by which the writer paints his defamatory claim is diametrically comparative to the narrowness of the mind concocting it.

Libeling Trump and his supporters in such visceral and extreme terms demonstrates not a reasoned, well thought out analysis of political opinion, meant to convince others to change their minds, or reconsider their positions, but simply a panicked hit-piece lacking any credibility or reason.

The writer has done political observers a big favor by demonstrating first-hand, and without the thin veneer of political correctness so often soiling liberals thoughts, the depth and breadth of the impact Trump is having on the traditional political machinery and its sycophantic adherents.

Without even the slightest hint of self-awareness or irony as to his blatant level of sanctimonious self-righteousness, the writer goes on to lecture the great unwashed who lack the heightened awareness he presumably possesses by telling us that what we all need is what he has: “…what we all know in our hearts to be right: decency, kindness, humility and compassion.”

I challenge the writer to somehow defend his statements about Mr. Trump in the context of his self-described demeanor as a decent, kind, compassionate and humble man.  Someone so morally equipped would not, I think, stoop to that level of sophomoric name-calling, thereby exposing the writer for the disingenuous fraud that he actually is.

As Trumps candidacy takes on the velocity of a movement as opposed to a simple political campaign, those threatened by radical change and the vulnerability of the status quo begin their version of the Chicken Little story and tell us that the sky will fall as a result.  The sentiment in this country that has brought us to this place in time is the status quo, it is the business as usual attitude and the realization that there is no real distinction between political parties or candidates, simply an elite, political ruling class that makes the rest of us believe change is just around the corner.  Power brokers from both parties simply divide up the goodies and then spin stories that satisfy their constituents with the promise that, “we’re working on it.”

Trump has no such political baggage that has tainted the thinking of virtually everyone who has fallen into the political abyss of party politics.  Those of us sick of the same old tricks not only want the sky to fall, we want to pull it down around the heads of those frauds and imposters who have been manipulating us for so long.

Trump is a welcomed change from the devils we already know too well.


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