Time’s are Changin

Donald Trump has tapped into a broad cross-section of frustrated American voters that have in common not so much a shared political ideology, but a shared outrage for the political status quo, whatever its persuasion.  For the first time in my lifetime, we are witnessing the coalescence of a protest movement that is more focused on wholesale change than it is on the traditional, incremental and ideological nuances that voters are beginning to recognize as meaningless.

I believe that voters have cracked the code on our traditional political landscape.  Republican or Democrat, all of the mainstream politicians have been homogenized over time, and by a corrupted system, into simply members of the ruling class.  Once the corrupt system forces its ways onto the legislators, it becomes obvious that these lawmakers, even though they claim ideological differences, simply work closely with each other to divide up all of the goodies in such a way that they can still convince their constituents they are “fighting the good fight”, while actually co-opting the entire process for their own benefit.

Trump has none of this baggage and lots of folks find that refreshing and willing to take the chance on wholesale change.


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