Oz 2.0

Polarity augmented by the extreme, demonstrated by both political parties in this run-up to the nominations for candidates for the United States presidency is having unintended consequences the likes of which no one would have ever guessed.

The liberal Millennial’s, naively hopeful like dreamy-eyed toddlers on a snowy Christmas Eve, unaware that Santa, in the form of Bernie Sanders doesn’t exist and can’t deliver, will not be happy upon discovering their deceit.  The co-opting of Bernie’s Babies to Hillary is far from a foregone conclusion, with her likeability and credibility both in the toilet and her message, so far out of tune as to be only a stray-dog whistle; it leaves that group up for grabs.

What has passed for “conservatism” and the real guts of the Republican Party now begins to come under surgical examination as the likes of Donald J. Trump muscles his way into the supposed “Big Tent”, only to be unwelcomed and vilified by the ruling class, afraid of an outsider they can’t control.  That level of fear in the hearts of party bosses is apparently a sirens song to the multitudes of the Finally Fed-Up, who are showing up in droves to vote.  A good, hard look at what’s behind the curtain in the politics-as-usual arena shows those with a gathering interest just what it showed Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz; a fat, big-mouthed, fire-breathing omnipresence as fake, faulty and make-believe as the movie set.  The Ruling Class in all of its splendor, finally outed.

Unlike any other candidate ever to run for the presidency, Trump is independent of outside financial support and fully capable of running a campaign that is beholding to no one.  Every other candidate has big money support which buys influence and access.  Quite the contrary for Trump, he is unique in the fact that as a successful businessman, seeking favorable environments and workable regulations, he has been on the giving side of the influence peddling machine, not on the receiving end.  This former position as a supplier to the financial gluttony of politicians makes Trump a man that knows too much.

When Republicans, Democrats, Wall Street, the New York Times, Mitt Romney, Bob Dole and in essence the entirety of the political machine demonstrate seizure-like reaction to a Trump possibility, it invigorates the heretofore uninvolved but now energized Great Unwashed, those Americans sick to death of political correctness, left marginalized by the softening of America, never buying into pop culture, but lacking the platform to say so until now.

As the masks, shields, covers and veneers continue to be peeled, ripped, torn and tossed off of the emperors that have for too long now shared the bounty of The Ruling Class, the sameness of party becomes clear and the need for wholesale change becomes obvious.  No longer do we believe.  Let the sky fall, pray the tents be torn from their moorings and blown into oblivion, along with the old guard of contemptuous sultans that have played us as fools for the last time.


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