Trump Card



Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton share something in common; both have successfully tapped into the emotions of voters.  Trump, by unhinged liberals while energizing everyone else propels Republican voter turnout to record highs.  Clinton; so yesterday, so haggard and flawed, reminds one of that nasty aunt or creepy gym teacher from their childhood, shrill, indignant and just plain unlikable.  She has accomplished the unenviable goal of lessening her own electability, even when the creepier Bernie Sanders, ancient social studies teacher from your past, is hers to easily beat, she struggles.

Never in my lifetime has any candidate aroused emotions and rationality like Trump,  playing the media like a pinball machine, forcing them off script and co-opting them into a gaggle of campaign advertising agencies, ironically freely giving it away to the guy who can afford it the most.  Unlike any politician who has ever lived, Trump is beholden to no one, no organization.  Quite the contrary, as a businessman, he has been on the feeding end of the political gravy train of favoritism and influence peddling.  This fact makes him unimpressed by lobbyists and special interest groups.  Because those same folks own, operate and control the machinery of politics and its titans, he is equally uncontrolled by them as well.

This makes the likes of failed candidate Mitt Romney very afraid, so the old guard trots him out to sully Trump, with the mistaken notion that anyone outside of the beltway cares what they have to say.  Yesterday’s politician is nothing more than a felon on the friendly side of the bars.  People not only don’t care, they see these efforts as proof of the expired shelf life of this old and broken system in American politics.  Old-guard tribalism mistakenly thinks that a blueblood in a blue blazer wearing a four-hundred dollar tie can shame the new thinkers into submission.  Their panic only serves to empower the great unwashed, signaling that they’re really onto something.

Never has the contrast between the salvation of traditional America and liberalism been more distinct, derisive and divisive.  The next president will define the Supreme Court for a generation.  The divide is vast, there shall be no compromise, America, Americans and our proud, rich history must prevail over the failed social experiment that has infected America since the concoction of President Johnson’s failed Great Society experiment in the 1960’s.

Traditional, proud and patriotic Americans have studied themselves in the mirror and they don’t like what they see themselves becoming.  Decades of failed policy, the soft racism of the liberals expectation of low outcomes, government encouraged neediness, the dismissal of the family unit in it’s importance, replaced by a government that encourages entitlement at the expense of dignity, all needs to stop if we are to survive as the great nation we once were.  Today’s reflection is not who we see tomorrow.

Donald Trump is offering voters something no other candidate has; he tells us that we can make America great again.  What better hope is there?


One thought on “Trump Card

  1. dutch824 says:

    I have been thinking lately, that if voting really mattered, they would not allow it. Hence the old guard dragging out anyone who can throw spears and arrows at Trump. Voting does matter, seems some in the establishment are not listening to what the voting public is saying


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