Utopia vs. Reality

Chris Matthews, famous left-wing big mouth from MSNBC recently engaged presidential candidate Donald Trump in debate about a hypothetical.  Matthews went on to concoct that in his hypothetical example, abortion was illegal.  With that established, Matthews then asked Trump if woman having these now hypothetically illegal abortions should be punished.

Trump answered in the affirmative.

Given the created fantasy world Matthews invented, there is no other intellectually honest answer than yes, after all, if something, anything, is deemed “illegal”, than disobeying that law makes offenders subject to penalties.  A law or illegality lacking a sanction is not a law but a mere suggestion.

Liberal’s like Matthews live in a world rich with hypotheticals because they are by definition seekers of a utopia that exists only in their minds.  The more rational among us have already concluded that there is no such worldly occurring state of Nirvana because we live in the world of reality.  Ironically, many liberals distain for religion also cuts them off from the only true achievement of a utopian state not of this world.

Trump might have turned the question back on Matthews and asked him to define the punishment for this illegal behavior, after all, Matthews is the one who dreamt up the scenario.

The real purpose was to create a hypothetical situation, obtain a hypothetical answer and then claim that in fact the answer can be used in the non-hypothetical reality, which is obviously unfair and untrue, a well known hallmark of Chris Matthews “reporting” style.


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