Bring Back Dueling

In a re-enactment set to music, the Broadway play “Hamilton” brings back to the audience the concept of dueling.  In truth, founding father Alexander Hamilton was fatally wounded by US Vice President Aaron Burr, in a pistol duel in 1804.


The issue?  Each mans honor.


Honorless men have nothing to defend.  No wonder the concept is as dead today as Hamilton.


Compare and contrast Burr with NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo.  Both lawyers and former Attorney’s General from NY, their similarities end abruptly there.  Unlike Cuomo, Burr was an Army officer, US Senator and Vice-President.  Also unlike Cuomo, Burr was a man with a high regard for his honor and an even higher intolerance for those who questioned it.


Cuomo’s metro-sexual demeanor is the antithesis of yesterday’s men and the values of our founding principles.  Sadly, his example is the rule and not the exception for most of today’s leaders.  Honor, valor, chivalry, humility, bravery, loyalty, are all concepts that may be out of style, but not without value.


The shrewd and spineless leading us today duel with their mouths, fearless of physical retaliation.  Bringing back the duel would quiet many a mouthy politician while dramatically improving the quality of candidates.


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