Drain the Swamp

What was unthinkable for liberals and unsavory for traditional Republicans has transcended from abstract theory to here and now reality.  Donald Trump is the President elect.  Pundits, critics, advocates, they all got it wrong and got it wrong in the grandest of fashion.  Every single step, or mis-step along the way was promised to be Donald’s undoing.  He was out spent, out organized, out classed, a political neophyte treading water in a shark tank with sixteen veteran Republican politicians and he not only survived, he harvested the poisoned media machine that was out to crush him and turned them into his own, free PR firm.


Every time a mainstream politician of either stripe called him out, I gained interest.  Every time a journalist pronounced him as toast, I gained respect.  Trump has promised to drain the swamp.  Let’s be sure no one escapes that swamp before hand because it is not only the game that is rigged, but those who have played it for so long that are as slimy as the muck out of which they crawl.


Good luck President Trump.  Let’s make American great again.  Drain that swamp and then build that wall.




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