Trump – 3016, Clinton – 395

The 50 United States collectively contain 3411 counties.  Donald Trump’s candidacy for the presidency of the United States won 3016 of those counties.  Hillary Clinton took only 395 (or 11.5%) in her 2016 bid to become the first female president.  If you look at a US map highlighting the election results by colors, it is easy to confuse it with a Verizon wireless coverage map, overwhelmingly red in the middle with blue spots mostly around the edges.  Expressed by measuring acreage per vote, Clinton controlled approximately 5% of the land mass, reinforcing the brilliance of our founders in designing the Electoral College.


While middle and rural America hugely backed Trump, the largest urban centers voted overwhelmingly for Clinton.  In the geographical breadbasket of the US, the three adjoining states of Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma together contain 275 counties.  Only four backed Clinton.  Using Texas as an example, the further north you go in the state, the fewer and fewer Clinton votes you find, that is with the exception of Dallas, the sole county supporting Clinton north of Houston.  But drive due North from Dallas to Kansas City, a trip of more than 500 miles, and you pass through two states where Clinton carried but a single county.


So the billion-dollar question becomes; why is it that the tighter together people are packed, the more likely they are to vote liberal?  The short answer is that urban dwellers apparently cannot tell the difference between the smell of cow sh*t and bull sh*t.


The further away you are from the stench of corruption that wafts around Washington DC and the closer you are to the sweet smell of cows, wheat, corn and soybean fields, the more likely you are to appreciate self-reliance and pride of accomplishment over the expectation of big-government handouts to buy votes.


You see, when people in the country have a breakdown, whether it be their homes roof, car, pick-up truck or their tractor, their first thought is how to fix it themselves and how to budget the funds to pay for it.  When urbanites face a transit or cab strike, or a rent hike, their first inclination is to blame someone else and ask why government isn’t fixing it.


For those living and working amongst millions of people packed into a city, it is understandable that they might feel more like a cog in a giant gear, lost in the sheer magnitude of faceless anonymity, toiling away at work that shows no outcomes, no finality, no joy of achievement.  Folks who work on farms, small businesses, restaurants, auto parts stores and the like, find a quiet dignity of relating to their purposes, understanding the goals, challenges and nuances of their work.  They can see the bigger picture because there are fewer moving parts and a clearer image as to the goals and outcomes.


America has finally awakened from its liberal coma and proud patriots have forcefully said, enough is enough, we’re defending our proud heritage.  We’ve heard the encouraging voice of a man who wants to make America great again.  While Donald Trump remains to be judged by man and history as impactful a force as Reagan was, it is clear that Trump has tapped into an enthusiasm and hopefulness that has not been seen since the Reagan years.  To loosely quote Michelle Obama, of all unlikely people, most of the folks in those 3016 red counties are feeling, for the first time in eight years, proud once again of America and to be an American.


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