What if the Roles were Reversed?

thug1thug2Four black youths in Chicago kidnapped, beat and tortured a white, mentally handicapped, teenage boy, streaming their crime live onto Facebook.  Managing to escape, the victim was found by Chicago police, wandering the frigid streets of Chicago in a tee shirt, shorts and flip-flops, dazed, exhausted, injured and confused.  The four attackers cut the victims scalp, tore off his cloths and forced him to drink from a toilet, while beating and berating him for about 5 hours.  The video shows them laughing and screaming about hating white people and Donald Trump.


Had this been a white on black scenario, complete with the racially charged remarks, Chicago would be on fire right now and looting would be justified in the name of social justice.


Posted on dozens of websites are the mug shots of these criminals.  The belligerence, the attitude, especially from the two boys is palpable.  Their photos indicate not only a total lack of remorse, but instead an arrogance of prideful boasting.  The back-story here that few outside of the legal or social work fields understand is that in their communities, these thugs are heroes to many.  While normal people see this video and flinch with revulsion, many of the folks representing the communities these sub-human felons come from are watching and laughing right along with the perpetrators.  These criminals didn’t enter the world this way, they were taught this behavior.


This video is a microcosm of the same reaction and mind-set perpetrated in larger groups, like the rioting in Ferguson, Charlotte, Milwaukee and Baltimore, nothing more than an excuse to commit mayhem while citing some vague rationalization for doing so.


In the case of this horrific crime in Chicago, it was clearly articulated by the thugs about a hatred of white people and more specifically Donald Trump.  In the case of the riots, again, hatred towards white police officers, the false accusation of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”, which never happened, and the false, repeating narrative that white cops routinely and unjustly kill black men.  Even when almost all of the law enforcement involved were black, as was the case in Baltimore, the narrative simply changes from white police to police in general because truth be told; the underlying issue for black criminals and their supporters is a distain for authority of any kind.  These animals have never followed rules and they spit on the ones society lays down.  That is the definition of a criminal.  Clearly, a large component of the criminal element of the black community is perpetrating a continuous hate campaign against white people, neatly wrapped in the ongoing, lying assumption that blacks are routinely mistreated by the police.


Now it appears that the new, expanded excuse for criminal deeds is the election of Donald Trump.


The four pieces of garbage that committed this barbarous act are the product of a culture and criminal society that is larger and more insidious than most Americans can fathom.  I fear that United State of America is on the verge of a race war the likes of which no country has ever seen.  To those who embrace this sub-culture of anarchy I offer this single prognostication.  The vast majority of civil society will not lay down and take a beating, especially to cowardly, gutless cretins who can only find success when beating down the weak.  The day of reckoning is long overdue.


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