Nothing is Free

King Andy is at it again, giving away other peoples money and bragging about it.  Hitching his liberal cart to the tired socialist plow horse Bernie Sanders, His Eminence tells New Yorkers that his free-college give-away will only cost $163 million.  Really Andy?  Sixty-four campuses, hundreds of thousands of eligible students, a SUNY combined budget of some 30 billion dollars, more like a billion plus taxpayer dollars dumped into a corrupted system run by corrupt men, all to buy votes.


Andy is so trust-worthy, look at his handpicked leader of SUNY Polytechnic Institute, currently under federal indictment for fraud, Alain Kaloyeros, or close personal assistant and loyalist Joseph Percoco, also facing federal corruption charges.  And Andy knew nothing?  Claiming so makes him either stupid or a liar.  Andy is not stupid, but he is a snot-nosed rich brat who has never had a job outside of the public arena, happily riding the slimy, liberal coattails of his father and former New York Governor, King Mario the Pious, who also never worked a private sector day in his charmed life.


The only calluses on Cuomo’s hands came from begging for money from the blood-sucking lobbyists who control him.  Nothing is free.



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