A classic example of Not-In-My-Backyard, (NIMBY) is evident concerning the proposed natural gas compressor station in the Town of Fenton.  An active rail line runs through this area, transporting all sorts of explosive, corrosive and poisonous materials continually, every day.  A major interstate highway runs along side this area accommodating thousands of trucks carrying explosive, corrosive and poisonous materials traversing the area continually, every day.  If safety is really the issue, where is the fear of these already ongoing activities?  Until a few years ago, the Hillcrest Federal Depot stored a wide host of military goods and supplies right in the heart of that neighborhood and nary a word about safety.  Not 300 yards from this proposed facility, a petroleum product distribution company already exists with many trucks delivering all kinds of fuels all over the area.  And what about the countless convenience stores everywhere, with thousands of gallons of gasoline directly beneath our feet.


This project creates 150 local jobs.  The pipe is already here, it is in the ground.  The company complied with all of the rules and regulations in making this business decision and the legal permits were sought after and obtained.  For those of us with a good memory, you’ll recall the former Port Dickinson mayor Wilfley fought the placement of this pipeline hammer and tong, claiming the Port Dickinson Park would be dangerous and ruined.  That was all false hysteria.


On what authority did the Chenango Valley School District decide, on behalf of taxpayers, that this was an issue worth suing over?  Did the Board of Education survey the taxpayers?  What about those of us that actually think this is a good idea?  I live in Port Dickinson and I support this project.  Not only did the school board exceed and abuse their authority, they saw fit to hire a law firm from Albany, thereby taking taxpayer money out of the area for a fight we shouldn’t be waging.  How much does this cost taxpayers?


NG Advantage made available a free tour bus that took concerned people from the area up to a similar site in Vermont, in order to demonstrate what that facility looks like when in full operation, and to address concerns and questions.  Only 12 individuals chose to take this trip yet scores of lawn signs indicating opposition to the project are overwhelmingly prevalent throughout the area.  It is abundantly clear that people have made up their minds in the absence of all of the available information because they don’t want or need the truth; they simply don’t want it in their neighborhood, period.


The next time these same NIMBY people complain about the depressive state of New York, the lack of jobs, opportunity, and the “brain drain” we see as our kids seek friendlier environs by voting with their feet, remember, it is just this kind of narrow-mined mentality that largely defines what is wrong with New York State.



4 thoughts on “NIMBY

  1. W S Rogers says:

    I am very interested in a LISTING of those 150 LOCAL jobs created!! Please let me know if you or anyone has seen a true list. NOT counting truckers for non-local trucking firms OR construction jobs gone too soon please.. This area has seen too many promises of employment and not enough come to fruition.


  2. You really should do some research before you write such and article. The group opposed to this is well informed and let me share some real information with you. 1. The so-called 150 local jobs are a fairytale. In both Milton VT and Pembroke NH, where they have 2 facilities, a total of 4 permanent jobs were created at each site. The 100 other jobs were specialty drivers out of Massachusetts. 2. There has been 3 events where people were evacuated from Milford VT because of leaks, 3 . There are over 3000 students in the evacuation radius 4. Both Port Dick and Hillcrest Fire Dept. are understaffed and can hardly get people to a house fire 5. The gas trucks hold over 360,000 cubic feet of high pressure gas with an explosive charge of 161 tons of TNT 5. The town and NG provided false information on state forms to obtain permits and circumvent EPA requirements, 6. The town held un-advertised board meetings in violation of NYS Open Meeting laws. 7. The facility is in a flood plain and will have dangerous chemicals despite the fact that NG said it would not 8. The school board is well within its rights and duties as elected officials to take any action needed to protect the students. I suggest that before you spout off, you get the true facts so you don’t look so foolish.


    • Mr. Luchun:

      Spare me the condescension of telling me what you think I should do before I publish an article, I stand by what I said. I’ll now address your comments.

      You say that the 150 jobs is a “fairytale.” That number is what the CEO of the company stated in his press briefings. I don’t know why you think I should find you any more credible than I find him. You assert the false filings charges. You should follow that up with those responsible for the legal end of that, why haven’t you done that? Why hasn’t that become newsworthy? Again, I don’t know you or have any gage on your own credibility, but that charge is so far, only being leveled by you, so I am dubious. You again assert that regulations were broken regarding open meetings laws. Why aren’t you vigorously following that up? And again, only from you do I hear such charges. And in closing on addressing your points, I would suggest strongly that you temper your caustic remarks about me “spouting off”, as I am about to make you look foolish.

      I noticed you didn’t have a thing to say about all of the other hazards I mentioned that are all around us? What about any of that is inaccurate? None of it is inaccurate, so pipe down on your rhetoric and spare me the “sky-is-falling” tripe.

      I noticed you had nothing to say about the abysmal turnout for the bus tour. Did you attend? If not, then shut up. As for the CV School Board. I pay taxes there too and from my perspective, they had no good reason in spending likely hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially to an Albany law firm, what a waste. Were the CV students in danger when the Depot was open? Of course they were in your world because everything is a potential hazard.

      I stand by what I wrote. I understand your opposition and I support your right to take any position you want, but stop short of name calling, you insult me at your own risk and enjoy the safe space that separates us, so back off, sit down and spare me your crap.


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