Zero Credibility



In the effort to censor and destroy conservatives, the discredited liberal media machine has wrongly intertwined the phrases “White supremacists” and “White nationalists” in order to falsely unite the two into a singular meaning vilifying conservatives.

The truth is that nationalists of any color, any race identify with their particular culture, color, ethnicity, or race, within the shared context of also being citizens of a particular country.  Supremacists view themselves as superior to others.  When you add the word “white” to either term, therein lies the dog-whistle; however it harkens to the hounds of liberalisms hatred, falling silent on the ear of conservatives.

Major media outlets long ago abandoned reporting, and instead now recruit for, define and orchestrate the liberal agenda.  Relying on the mistaken notion that the average consumer of news is too stupid to know they are being led, media elitists forge, twist and manipulate public opinion disguised as reporting.  This is why they hate the alternative news outlets like the Fox network and talk radio.

Traditional media’s veneer of credibility melts in the light and heat of the unvarnished truth and they grossly miscalculate the wisdom of the average American at their own peril.



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