Gas Pains in Fenton

Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin coined the term, “useful idiots” and what is happening regarding the proposed natural gas compression station in Fenton, NY lends itself well by comparison.  Lenin predicted that liberals and other weak-minded people in the West could be relied upon to be ‘useful idiots’ as far as the Soviet Union was concerned.  Inciting indigestion via ignorance, those local like-minded haters of capitalism, fossil fuels and America’s progress use the misinformed citizens in and around Fenton to gin up opposition to this job-creating business.

Even though the company proposing this project complied with all zoning, review, regulatory and statutory requirements from the local, county, state and federal governments, anti-big business, fossil fuel activists created false narratives to scare people into action.  Opposition has to happen under false pretenses because the activists understand that their hatred of capitalism is not acceptable in the main stream of American thoughts and values, so they are forced to fabricate alternative excuses explaining why they are trying to shut down this development.

Torn from page one of the community organizer handbook on activating the masses is to create a narrative that involves danger to their children.  Using the nearby schools as reasons for denying this project, opponents have no explanation for their apparent disinterest in safety when it comes to the myriad of potentially deadly substances passing by the school on a continual basis by both rail and interstate highways, both located closer to the schools than this project site.

Although the activists would have the public believing that the vast majority of citizens are opposed to this endeavor, the fact that only a dozen of these supposedly concerned folks took advantage of a free tour of a similar facility should speak volumes about facts fighting fictions.

Page two of the community organizer handbook is the threat to property values and quality of life concerns.  Again, this is an obvious canard if you simply look around.  This project is being built in an industrial area, along side of many other industrial businesses, including at least one that stores thousands of gallons of petroleum products on-site, right next to the river, and even closer to the local high school than this proposed location.  The area is already zoned industrial, and it is adequately separated from the communities’ neighborhoods surrounding it.

Recognize this for what it actual is:  Radical anti-capitalism, anti-fossil fuel, anti-progress new-era socialists engaging the “useful idiots” of the Chenango Valley school board to do their bidding in stopping a completely legal and legitimate business from creating much needed jobs, while using the taxpayers monies to fund a ridiculous lawsuit.

It’s embarrassing enough to find ones self unwittingly being played like a pawn as a “useful idiot.”  It’s quite another to learn that your tax dollars are being spent by them.


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